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  • Karen Kingsbury     Tips for Writing
  • Karen Kingsbury     Ten Tips for Writing
  • L








  • Creston Mapes        Turn Up The Heat!
  • Cindy Martinusen    Advice for the Aspiring Writer
  • Lorena McCourtney Plotting: Trail or Trap?
  • Susan Meissner      Points to Ponder on the Writing Path

  • Susan Meissner      Ways to Approach the Goal of Becoming a Novelist

  • Judith Miller             A Partnership in Prose – Collaborating and Co-Writing

  • DiAnn Mills              Creating, Credible, Colorful, Compelling, Characters

  • DiAnn Mills              Stepping Beyond the Page

  • Kathy Morgan        Things I Wish I'd Known Before Getting Published
  • Nancy Moser          My Writing Tips
  • Nancy Moser         And the Writer . . . Waits
  • Bill Myers               Story . . . A Powerful Tool for Teaching -
  • N

  • Jill Elizabeth Nelson      Writing in Third Person Deep Point of View(POV)
  • Linda Nichols                Writing Tips
  • P

  • Catherine Palmer      Writing Advice
  • Craig Parshall           Tips for Writers
  • Beth Patillo               Triumphing Over Rejection
  • Judith Pella               Just Write, Write, Write!
  • Allison Pittman          Advice to Aspiring Writers
  • Allison Pittman          Submitting your Work
  • Cara Putman             Immersing Yourself in History
  • R

  • Deborah Raney       Rewrite:Get It Right
  • Deborah Raney       12 Tips for Beginning Writers
  • Gayle Roper             Preparation, Persistence and Prayer
  • S

  • Lisa Sampson            Let Yourself Go
  • Christine Schaub       Advice for Aspiring Writers
  • T

  • Janice Thompson        Getting Creative About Being Creative
  • U

  • Carol Umberger       Tips on Writing Historical Fiction
  • W

  • Amy Wallace            The Write Start
  • Amy Wallace            Writing with HEART
  • Susan Wales           14 Tips for Becoming a Fiction Writer
  • Jan Watson              Have you always wanted to write a book?
  • Chris Well                To The Aspiring Writer
  • Linda Windsor         Get the LIFT of Laughter-The Romantic Comedy
  • Cindy Woodsmall     Pitching Your Story
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    Writing & Publishing Your Book

    Web Resources for Writers

    There are many web sites with great information for Christian writers. Below are some that you might find helpful.


  • American Christian Fiction Writers
  • Christian Writers Fellowship International

  • The Christian Writer's Manual of Style
  • Writer's Digest
  • Writer's Market
  • The Writer's Magazine
  • Christian Writer's Market Guide
  • ACW Press
  • Writer's Edge (Manuscript Service)

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     • Words of Advice: Chris Fabry

     • Writing Advice: Maureen Lang