Becoming the Woman I Want to Be  A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul, & BodyBecoming the Woman I Want to Be A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul, & Body
Donna Partow
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Ladies, it's time to review your three Rs - Renewal, Rejuvenation, and Restoration! Partow guides stressed-out women through a 90-day odyssey that provides a doable plan to revamp all areas of your life. Rediscover the importance of Scripture memorization, daily prayer, healthy eating, and exercise to restore balance and well-being to your life.

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DONNA PARTOW is a bestselling author, Christian communicator, and a popular guest on more than two hundred radio and TV shows, including FOCUS ON THE FAMILY. Her books include Becoming a Vessel God Can Use, This Isn't the Life I Signed Up For, and A Woman's Guide to Personality Types. She and her family live in Arizona.

Author: Donna Partow
Located in: Arizona
Submitted: January 15, 2004

Tell us a little about yourself. C.S. Lewis observed, "We read to know we're not alone." Unfortunately, most of the Christian books I read left me feeling even more alone. Like I was the only one who wasn't getting all of my prayers answered; the only one who faced disappointment. I began writing Christian books because I wanted other Christian women facing life's disappointments & challenges to know that they weren't alone; that there was at least one other person in the world who hadn't "arrived" yet. My story in a nutshell: I made a mess.....and God turned it into a message!

What was your motivation behind this project? God absolutely transformed my life. Completely. I am not the same person I was when God began doing this work in me. I wanted to share what God had done with other women. I wanted to give them what God has given me: a chance to experience total transformation from the inside out.

What do you hope folks will gain from this project? Actually, I hope they'll lose: excess weight, excess emotional baggage, and spiritual lethargy! Let me just share a few testimonies to give readers an idea of what to expect:

Starting the 90-Day Renewal was wonderful. I dropped 20 pounds within a month and a half. I have now lost 69 pounds! With this program, I have renewed my faith with God, learned more about helping others, became a daily bible reader, learned bible trivia and quotes, and have a new sense of self. This book really helps to focus on redirecting weaknesses into positives. I turned my chocolate and junk food addiction into eating healthier snacks such as yogurt and nuts. Before now, I felt lost and I didn't have a purpose, but "Now I am found" by the grace of God. I definitely have a more positive outlook. Hooray for the 90-Day Renewal Program. -- Dedra in Alabama

Who are your influences, sources of inspiration or favorite authors/artists? In this book, which by the way ended up more than 300 pages long, I share the lessons God taught me as I struggled to recover - physically & emotionally - from a lifetime of disappointment, rejection and abuse. The major influence throughout the book is simply God's Word, because that's what finally healed me and brought about transformation. Believe me, if God can restore my life, there's hope for everyone because I was truly a physical and emotional wreck.

Anything else you'd like readers/listeners to know: I've created a free online group, The 90-Day Renewal, for women who are taking the journey through this book. You can read the testimonies of women who've completed the 90 day program at my webpage They are truly amazing. From the woman who lost 69 lbs to the woman who led her 70-year old husband to the Lord--that's how amazed he was with the changes in her life. Most women lost around 20 lbs over the 3 months, but the real changes occurred in their spiritual and emotional life. You can find information about how to sign up for the 90-Day Renewal at my webpage. For those of you who follow my ministry, let me say this: I have not seen God at work so powerfully (through my writing) since Becoming A Vessel God Can Use! I am truly excited and humbled. This book isn't written out of my strength, it's written out of the broken places in my life. But since God is a redeemer, he takes those broken pieces and turns them into something beautiful. What an amazing God we serve.