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Invitation to Biblical Preaching: Proclaiming Truth with Clarity and RelevanceInvitation to Biblical Preaching: Proclaiming Truth with Clarity and Relevance
Donald R. Sunukjian
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Simply stated, Talbot preaching professor, Don Sunukjian, defines the "biblical preacher" as someone who declares from the pulpit, "Look, at what God is us". By this he means: 1) that the true and exact meaning of the text must be explained, and 2) that it must be communicated in a way that is applicable to the listener here and now. Following this 2-part outline, Dr. Sunukjian guides the reader from text to finished sermon.

You will find a step-by-step guide to preparing and presenting a biblical message---from studying a passage with skill and integrity to delivering a sermon with persuasion, accuracy, passion, and relevance. His conversational style and use of illustrations to clarify concepts make the learning process memorable for beginners and mature ministers. 384 pages, hardcover from Kregel.

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 Preaching from the Lectionary

Lectionary Worship Aids (Series VII, Cycle C)Lectionary Worship Aids (Series VII, Cycle C)
Frank Ramirez
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This all-new edition of a perennial CSS favorite is a resource for busy pastors and worship planners. It's an easy-to-use reference offering several prayers relating to the assigned scriptural passages for every Sunday and major observance in Cycle C of the Revised Common Lectionary. For each First, Second, and Gospel reading there's a call to worship, a collect, a prayer of confession, and suggested hymns--plenty of inspiring material for the creation of fresh, meaningful worship services. Supplemental resources include numerous prayers for general use, worship material for Mother's Day, and a brief service for hunting season, and alternate verses of several hymns from the Brethren tradition.

Preaching from the Lectionary

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 Preaching from the Old Testament

From Prophecy to Testament: The Function of the Old Testament in the NewFrom Prophecy to Testament: The Function of the Old Testament in the New
Craig A. Evans

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Table of Contents, Excerpt

The theology of the New Testament is fundamentally indebted to and a reflection of major Old Testament themes, images, and language. There is simply no significant element in New Testament theology that is not in some way a development of a tradition or theology expressed in the sacred writings that eventually came to be the Christian Old Testament. Study of the function of the Old Testament in the New revolves around the theme of fulfillment, the conviction that the prophecy of the former has been fulfilled in the events described in the latter; hence the title.
The first three essays deal with the principles and methods used in the study of the Old Testament in the New Testament. The next eight studies treat specific themes and texts, beginning with Jesus himself and ending with Paul and the Pauline school. These studies show in what ways important OT passages and themes lie behind foundational doctrines of the Jesus movement and the early church. The collection of essays is brought to a close by an Epilogue by veteran scholar James Sanders, who ponders why the theme of this book is so important and evaluates the approaches taken by the contributors.

Craig A. Evans is Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College. He is a frequent contributor to scholarly journals and the author or editor of numerous publications.

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 Classic Preaching

Between Two Worlds: The Challenge of Preaching TodayBetween Two Worlds: The Challenge of Preaching Today
John Stott
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Where are the powerful preachers today? Stott responds to what may be a generation of preachers who have lost confidence in the Word of God. He reaffirms the relevance of the gift of preaching by exploring its history and theological foundations, the contemporary objections to preaching, and how it can bridge the gap between the biblical and the modern worlds. 351 pages, softcover from Eerdmans.

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