Wonderful Words of Life: Hymns in American Protestant History and TheologyWonderful Words of Life: Hymns in American Protestant History and Theology
Richard J. Mouw
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Although the use of hymns in many evangelical congregations seems to be declining, Richard Mouw (in the introduction) predicts a resurgence of hymnody in the future. Other notable contributors examining the various historical and theological dimensions of hymns in American Protestantism include Mark Noll, Susan Wise Bauer, Kevin Kee, and Jeffrey VanderWilt. The essays probe the influence of Isaac Watts, the practical implications of hymns for living the Christian life, and the character of hymns as bearers of good (or bad) theology. Wonderful Words of Life provides an engaging treatment of an often neglected field of study, which bridges the gap between Christian belief and practice.

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Series Preface


Richard J. Mouw

In The Beginning Was Watts

1. The Defining Role of Hymns in Early Evangelicalism
Mark A. Noll

2. "We're Marching to Zion": Isaac Watts in Early America
Esther Rothenbusch Crookshank

3. Hymnody and Politics: Isaac Watts's "Our God, Our Help in Ages Past" and Timothy Dwight's "I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord"
Rochelle A. Stackhouse

Hymns And The Ordering of Protestant Life

4. Jesus Shall Reign: Hymns and Foreign Missions, 1800-1870
Robert A. Schneider

5. Marketing the Gospel: Music in English-Canadian Protestant Revivalism, 1884-1957
Kevin Kee

6. "I Found My Thrill": The Youth for Christ Movement and American Congregational Singing, 1940-1970
Thomas E. Bergler

7. Protestant Hymnody in Contemporary Roman Catholic Worship
Felicisa Piscitelli

8. White Folks "Get Happy": Mainstream America Discovers the Black Gospel Tradition
Virginia Lieson Brereton

Hymns As Good (Or Bad?) Theology

9. Singing about Death in American Protestant Hymnody
Jeffrey Vander Wilt

10. Stories and Syllogism: Protestant Hymns, Narrative Theology, and Heresy
Susan Wise Bauer

11. "Some Poor Sailor, Tempest Tossed": Nautical Rescue Themes in Evangelical Hymnody
Richard J. Mouw

APPENDIX I: American Protestant Hymns Project: A Ranked Lit of Most Frequently Printed Hymns, 1737-1960 (The Marini List)

APPENDIX II: "Hymns Recommended for Ecumenical Use" in Catholic Hymnbooks

APPENDIX III: Hymns in Roman Catholic Hymnals

Index of Names and Subjects

Index of Hymn (and Song) Titles