Beneath a Southern SkyBeneath a Southern Sky
Deborah Raney
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After two years as a missionary in a remote river village in Colombia, South America, Daria Camfield has returned to the States alone to mourn her husband, Dr. Nathan Camfield, who is believed to have died tragically while trying to help a neighboring village. Daria finds comfort in the daughter born to her after Nate’s death, and later, in the love of her new husband and the child they joyfully await. But their happy lives are shattered when Daria receives a telegram reporting that Nathan has been found alive in captivity in Colombia.

To her horror, Daria finds herself torn between two men, both of whom she loves deeply, both of whom are fathers to her children––and to each of whom she is married. Torn by guilt when she realizes that she had not fully sought God’s direction in marrying Cole, she fears that no matter how she chooses now, her decision will destroy the lives of everyone she cares about.

When it looks as though Daria might lose both of the men she loves, one of them makes a sacrifice so enormous that it redeems the sorrow of many lives. The selfless love he shows reflects the incomparable price Christ paid at Calvary and starts a ripple of faith that will bless generations to come.


 Beneath a Southern Sky Discussion Questions: Deborah Raney


1.    What were the differences between Nathan’s and Daria’s callings to the mission field? How do you think each of their callings affected the decisions they made later on? In what ways, if any, is a married woman’s calling subject to her husband’s desires and situation?



2.     What factors did Daria take into account in deciding whether to stay in Timoné or return to the States after Nathan’s death? Did you agree or disagree with Daria’s decision and her reasons for making the choices she did? Explain your thoughts.



3.    How did Daria’s parents and parents-in-law influence her relationship with Colson Hunter? How did your own parents influence your decisions about the people you dated and the person you ended up marrying? What would you do (or what have you done) differently concerning your children’s choice of dates or mates?



4.    At what point did Daria begin to shut out God’s ‘still, small voice’? List some of the ways that God tried to reach Daria. Have you ever ‘tuned out’ the Holy Spirit’s gentle prompting? What were the results?



5.    What role did Cole Hunter play in Daria turning her back on God’s leading? What could cause a godly man like Cole to be an ‘accomplice’ in Daria’s quiet rebellion?



6.    Once Nate was found alive, which man did you most sympathize with and why? How did you feel about Cole’s response to the dilemma? Nate’s?



7.    What other possible solutions to their dilemma could the characters have explored? If you could re-write the ending of the book, how would you change it?



8.    Discuss the problems that Daria might face in the future as a result of what happened. What problems might Natalie and Nicole encounter as they grow up?



9.     How did God redeem the tragic events for Daria? For Cole? For Nate? For the other characters?



10.     How does the sacrifice Nate made compare to the one Jesus made for us?



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