A Season of Grace Discussion Questions by Bette Nordberg

1. When you started the book, what did you think Season of Grace would be about? Did you have any preconceived notions about the topic? Did those notions change over the course of the book?

2.Which character did you find yourself most identifying with? Why?

3.What did you feel were Colleenís biggest assets? Liabilities?

4. If the characters in the book reflect some of the predominate ideas about homosexuality in our culture, what were those ideas, and who represented them?

5.Did this book challenge your own perspective? How?

6.Was it right of Colleen to ask Stephen to live with her? Why do you think so?

7.If you were Kevin, how might you have reacted? Did his reaction surprise you?

8.How did you respond to the portrayal of Christianity in the novel? Did you feel that it was realistic?

9.How would the novel have been different if Stephen had survived?

10. What did you feel was the primary message of the novel?

11. Were you emotionally engaged in the story? Why?

12. Would you recommend the story to others? Why?

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