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    1. Courtship on Trial, Finding the Path to Matrimony
    2. Miracle of Oneness, the Brutal Force of Mutual Submission
    3. Leviticus Alive Today, Devotion to a Sacred Year
    4. Marriage, By and Large an Unromantic Journey
    5. The Beauty of Conflict, the Refining Fire of Spiritual Growth
    6. Marriage as Rebellion, Bucking the Cynical Tide
    7. The Bedroom, a Barometer of Trust and Fidelity
    8. A Genesis Vision of Marriage, Relationship as Ontological Category
    9. Family and Friends, The Soil of Relationships
    10. Self Denial versus Self Hatred
    11. Be Fruitful and Multiply, a Gospel Mandate?

    Excerpted from To Become One: After "I Do" The Real Journey Begins, March 2004, by Chris Seay & Chad Karger. All rights reserved. Published by RelevantBooks.