The Journey, Kentucky Brothers Series #1The Journey, Kentucky Brothers Series #1
Wanda E. Brunstetter
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Titus Fisher has often made poor choices. When he lived in Pennsylvania he chose the wrong girl, who broke his heart. When he moves to Kentucky, he finally discovers that he possesses woodworking skills, will he stick with it or return to the old comforts of his life in Lancaster?

Suzanne Yoder's talents don't lie in the traditional Amish kitchen, but she suppresses talents that are frowned on by those in her community who believe a woman's place is in the home. Will Titus be impressed or upset when he learns the secrets she hides?


 The Journey Discussion Questions: by Wanda E. Brunstetter


1. Titus suffered from a lack of confidence. What are some reasons a person may lack confidence, and what are some ways he or she can overcome it?


2. What are some things we can do to help a friend or relative who has a lack of confidence?


3. Titus left home because his girlfriend broke up with him and also because he felt he needed to prove himself to his family. Is there ever a time when it’s necessary for a person to leave home in order to recover from a broken relationship or to prove themselves?



4. Titus felt inferior to his twin brother, who always seemed to know what he wanted and was able to do everything right. What can a parent do to help their children feel equally important within the family? How can an adult child overcome a feeling of inferiority and stop comparing himself to his siblings?



5.  Suzanne also felt inferior and lacked self-confidence when it came to cooking. One of the reasons for this was because her mother was too impatient and made Suzanne feel as if she was incapable. What are some ways a mother can help her daughter become self-sufficient in the kitchen and other areas of life?



6. Titus’s mother, Fannie, had a difficult time adjusting to the idea of Titus leaving home. How can a grown child who leaves home make it easier for his or her parents to accept and deal with his or her absence?



7. What are some ways a parent can let their grown children know they are accepting of their decision to move away?



8. Suzanne wanted to work in her grandfather’s woodshop, but a woman working with wood was looked down upon by her family. Why do you think they were opposed to her working in the shop? Do you think some jobs are more suited to men than women? Should a woman be allowed to do a job that a man might normally do? Why or why not?



9.  Phoebe was rebellious and didn’t want to settle down to marriage or to joining the church. What are some reasons some young people are more rebellious than others? What are some ways parents can deal with their children’s rebellion?



10. How do you feel about many Amish allowing their children to run around and try out the English world? Do you feel it helps the child make a more mature decision about whether they want to join the Amish church?



11. After reading this book, was their anything new you learned about the Amish way of life?



12.  What spiritual lessons did you learn from reading The Journey?




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