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Christianity: A Social and Cultural HistoryChristianity: A Social and Cultural History
Howard Clark Kee, Emily Albu, Carter Lindberg
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From past to present, this book takes the reader on a journey examining the unique social and cultural aspects influence in Christian history. With a variety of experts providing different slants, this unusual work has been updated to expand coverage of the non-Western world; place a deeper emphasis on such modern social and political issues as poverty, women, Jews, and other religions; plus highlight the cultural milieu's impact. This book aims to enable the reader to perceive how Christianity emerged from its original Jewish context and developed into a worldwide religion through engagement with the social and cultural dimensions of the world contemporary with its origins and evolution. The writers chosen to produce this work represent scholars whose academic skills embody such a contextual approach to their respective fields of specialization, ranging from knowlege of the Greco-Roman setting in which Christianity arose and spread across the Roman World (Kee and Albu) to the structuring of the church conceptually and origizationally in Europe (Lindberg), and to its spread and growth in America (Frost) and then throughout the world (Robert).

A New History of ChristianityA New History of Christianity
Vivian Green

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Written firmly from a historical rather than religious perspective, A New History of Christianity is a readable yet scholarly one volume study of Christianity from its origins to the present day. The coverage is inter-denominational, although largely focused on the Roman Catholic Church, the Church in England and the Orthodox Church. Chapters cover Christian beginnings, the growth of the early Christian communities, the character of the medieval Church, popular religion, and the crisis of the modern Church. Despite the vast tableau the text is eminently readable throughout and a chronology helps guide readers through the major events of the last two thousand years. While some members of Christian churches might find some of the assumptions controversial, the author's intention has been to minimize, if not escape, bias, in order to provide an accurate account of how Christianity has eveolved from a fringed society, spurned by the world around it, to become the single most important influence on western civilization.

The Church in HistoryThe Church in History
B.K. Kuiper
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A trusted survey chronicling church history from A.D. 33 to modernity, Kuiper's overview has been a textbook of choice for secondary schools and Bible colleges for more than half a century. Detailed and fact-filled, it offers a panoramic view of church growth worldwide. Includes nearly 300 photographs, maps, and timelines in addition to chapter-end study questions. 412 pages, softcover from Eerdmans.

A Global History of ChristiansA Global History of Christians
Paul Spickard, Kevin Cragg
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A Global History of Christians probes the history of the church not only in Western civilization but also in its worldwide dimension, emphasizing the social, cultural, and popular aspects of that history. The book includes depictions of everyday life in various Christian communities, descriptions of native cultures as more than objects of missions, and analyses of key developments in society and economics. Sidebars, photos, illustrations, and maps enhance the text.

Church History: Twenty Centuries of Catholic  ChristianityChurch History: Twenty Centuries of Catholic Christianity
John Dwyer
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This volume is a concise, up-to-date history of the Catholic Church, from its origins in Judaism to the pontificate of John Paul II. The present edition offers a fresh view of the Second Vatican Council and the renewal that followed. It brings the reader to the dawn of the new millennium, with all its problems and challenges. In its methodology this book is careful to distinguish between particular events in the life of the church and the religious faith it professes. The book is thereby able to maintain a critical stance toward people andtheir actions. While not a revisionist history that deliberately seeks to topple old convictions, it does deal honestly with church leaders, even in the recent past, believing, says the author "that this will lead not to contempt for the church, but to a deeper (because more realistic) love."

A World History of ChristianityA World History of Christianity
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Christianity is the most global of all religions. However, most books on the subject fail to do justice to the history of Christianity outside Europe and North America. This prodigious work provides the first genuinely global one-volume study of the rise, development and impact of the Christian faith.
Written by an international team of specialists, this comprehensive volume covers the full breadth of Christian history while also taking seriously the geographical diversity of the story: extensive chapters cover North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, India, China, and its neighbors, and Austrailia and the Pacific. Though unified in scope, these chapters each focus on what matters most in the specific time and place covered, ensuring that readers are introduced to the major themes-social, theological, political, and cultural-that together constitute Christianity's role in world history.

David Chidester
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(PUBHarperSanFrancisco)"Well written and researched. Highly recommended,"---Library Journal. Recently, historians have sought to focus on how the average person---not just the elite of society---was affected by Christianity. Chidester portrays that odd assortment of personalities who have encouraged inspiration and holiness, as well as those who have fostered scandal and division. 627 pages, softcover.

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