Street-Smart Ethics: Succeeding in Business Without Selling Your SoulStreet-Smart Ethics: Succeeding in Business Without Selling Your Soul
Clinton W. McLemore
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Psychologist and consultant Clinton McLemore recognizes how difficult it is to survive, much less thrive, in today's business environment. Success, as it is currently defined, usually depends on winning or beating out the competition - often placing incredible pressures on business professionals. Divided into three sections - an action-packed primer on ethics, a collection of Proverbs-based guidelines for business, and a host of ethical brainteasers - Street-Smart Ethics seeks to navigate modern businessmen and businesswomen through the real-world ethical decisions they must make every day. With engaging writing and a lack of insider language and textbook jargon, Street-Smart Ethics is an essential guide for everyone involved in today's complex business world.

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Part I: A No-Nonsense Primer on Ethics
1. When Titans Stumble: Cases in Corporate Failure

Dry as Dust
Public Trust and Human Frailty
Global Crossing
WorldCom and a Host of Other Companies
2. Law, Ethics, & Society
The Relationship between Law and Ethics
Governments, Laws, and Ethical Duties
Ethical Codes
3. Threats, Risks & Options
Pressures and Vulnerabilities
Even Navy SEALS Disobey Orders
When Not to Be a Team Player
Saying No and Meaning It
Peremptory Decisions
Time to Stay and Time to Go
Whistle-Blowing: The Case of Special Agent Rowley
The Psychodynamics of Misconduct
Simple versus Complex Conflicts
Two Major Types of Conflicts
Simple Dilemmas
Complex Dilemmas
Self vesus Other(s)
Self versus Institution, Group, or Organization
Self versus Society
Organization versus Organization
Person versus Person
5. Guidelines for Survival
Types of Conduct Codes
Getting Clear about the Issues
General Approach to Simple Ethical Dilemmas
Screens & Filters
Federal, State, and Local Laws
Conflicts of Interest
Violations of Conscience
Information Management
Violence and Threats of Violence
Potential Embarrassments
Gyroscopic Wobbling
6. Complex Ethical Problems
Elements of Personal Liability
Comments on the Elements
Analysis of the Examples
The World of the Philosopher

Part II: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
Introduction to Part II

By Robert W. Wentworth Ph.D.
How to Get the Most from This Section
Fundamental Graciousness
Some Necessary Caution
Going All Out
Wisdom of the Tongue
When Modesty Helps
Getting By with Integrity
Maturity and Judgment
Avoiding Self-Destruction
Proper Priorities
Styaing Out in Front

Part III: Testing Your Mettle
Try Your Hand at These: Challenging Exercises for the Ethically Conscientious

Section 1: Thirty-five Questions on the Basics
Answers with Explanations
Section 2: Ethical Brainteasers
Commentary on the Problems

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