A Fine Line, Baxter Series #5A Fine Line, Baxter Series #5
Kathy Herman
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Interview, Excerpt

Monty's Diner is all abuzz. The city council voted to let Thompson Tire Corporation build a plant in Baxter, threatening the town's quaint culture. New jobs. New faces. Foreigners. fast-food chains. Tempers flare as people take sides. Underneath the chatter, darker rumors spread about the mayor and the company's attorney. How exactly did sultry Sheila Paxton influence Charlie Kirby's vote? Charlie has seven children and a wife he loves more than anything. But it doesn't take much to destroy a beautiful thing... When Sheila dies suddenly, newspaper editor Ellen Jones pursues the story. But the lawyer's past is strangely elusive. Someone stands between Ellen and the facts - someone dangerous.

Kathy Herman



 A Fine Line Discussion Questions: by Kathy Herman


1. Do you think a Christian man can willfully entertain sexual temptation and still love his wife? How do you think it might impact his relationship with her? His kids? His church body? His Lord?



2. Why was Charlie’s first inclination to lie? Have you ever lied to keep someone from thinking less of you?



3. Could you relate to Marlene’s anger? Do you think she was foolish to forgive Charlie before she believed him? Did you think Charlie deserved her forgiveness?



4. Do you think divorce would have been the right solution had Charlie been guilty of adultery, and then Marlene had biblical grounds? Do you believe God can heal broken hearts and put marriages back together? If your answer is yes, explain what you think needs to happen first?



5. Do you think Kevin’s “acting out” was realistic? Could a middle school child be affected that deeply by the fear that his parents might split up? Why do you think it wasn’t enough for him to know both parents loved him?



6. Do you think a child’s feelings should be considered whan the actions of his parents are tearing his world apart? Why or why not?



7. Was it wise for Charlie to tell his twelve-year-old son the truth about his lusting? Was it risky? Was it necessary? Would you have handled the matter differently? Is, how?



8. Has God ever put someone like Josiah in your life to help you through a situation that seemed overwhelming? Have you ever been used that way in someone else’s life?



9. Do you think Ellen’s deception was as wrong as Charlie’s? Was she too hard on herself? Not hard enough?



10. What relationships in this story touched you the most? Who was your favorite character? Your least favorite? Who do you think was the most effective character? The least effective? If you could write your own ending, what would you change?



11. What did you take away from this story? Was there a phrase, a truth, a scene, or a character that will stay with you? What kind of spiritual response did it evoke? Were you persuaded to take a closer look at your own vulnerability to sin?



12. After reading A Fine Line, what do you think is the most dangerous attitude a Christian can have toward temptation?




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