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Three-Track Plan for Reading the Bible
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Of all the reasons people mention for not reading the Bible, simple discouragement ranks highest. The Bible's length alone, about 1,000 pages, is imposing. More like a self-contained library than a book, it includes 66 different books, by several dozen authors. Little wonder people get confused and discouraged.

The following 3-Track Reading Plan helps break the Bible into more manageable portions. If you're new to the Bible, begin with Track 1, then proceed to Track 2, and finally—if you're ambitious—tackle Track 3. Your understanding and appreciation for the Bible should gradually increase.

All three tracks share one thing in common: They each assign usually one chapter a day. Reading an average Bible chapter should take only 5-10 minutes.

Track 1 is a place to begin reading the Bible.

Three two-week reading courses take you quickly into passages of the Bible every Christian should know. These were selected with two concerns in mind: first, they are frequently quoted or referred to. Second, they are relatively easy to read and understand.

Track 1: Introduction to the Bible
Additional Track 1 Courses

"Two 'Track Two' sections? Doesn't that make this a Four Track Plan?"

Well, yes and no.

Our original Three-Track Reading Plan was exerpted from the NIV Student Bible. When Zondervan revised the NIV Student Bible in 2002, they changed Track Two entirely. Since we've had this Three-Track Reading Plan up on for several years, some of you may be in the middle of reading the "old" Track Two: "Every Book of the Bible", so for your convenience, it's still here.

But we've also posted Zondervan's "new" Track Two, from the NIV Student Bible, Revised Edition. You can find the New Track Two: "A Guided Tour of the Bible" here.

Track 3 - Every word of the Bible.

Track 3 takes you completely through the Bible, reading every word. Other Bible-reading plans allot only a year for this project, requiring that at least 3 chapters be read each day. But many readers find such a pace to be unrealistic and discouraging.

For this reason, Track 3 assigns usually only one chapter a day. (Some short chapters have been combined, so occasionally you will read two brief chapters in a day.) In all, the reading plan works out evenly to a three-year total.

The Track 3 plan alternates between the Old Testament and New Testament. This mixing provides variety and reduces the fatigue that may set in from reading long sections of the Old Testament.

Since Track 3 covers the entire Bible, we have split it into three different pages for faster loading in your browser:

Or if you prefer, you can
view the entire Track Three here.

The Three-Track Plan for Reading the Bible has been provided to
courtesy of our kind friends at, is
Copyright 2000 - 2003, Zondervan and is used by permission.

The Three-Track Plan for Reading the Bible may be found in the NIV Student Bible.

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