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PART ONE: The Autobiography


PART TWO: Selected Writings
I. The Way to Wealth

Paln for Future Conduct
Advice to a Young Girl
The Art of Conversation
Advice to a Young Tradesman
"The Way to Wealth"
II. Essays to Do Good
Standing Queries for the Junto
"A Short Account of Liberty"
The American Philosophical Society
The Pennsylvania Academy
III. The New Prometheus, I: Franklin the Scientist
The Young Naturalist
The Meteorologist
Experimenter in Electricity
Franklin's Kite
The Lightning Rod
Human Slaughtering
The Franklin's Stove
The First American Catheter
The Glass Harmonica
Youthful Inventor
The Long Arm
IV. THe New Prometheus II: Franklin and the Revolution
The Stamp Act
After Repeal
The Weapon of Satire
A Counsel of Moderation
America in Arms
The French Alliance
Busy Days
"Let Us Now Forgive and Forget
"Sketch of the Services of B. Franklin in the United States of America"
V. The Family Man
Deborah Read
Franky Franklin's Death
Katy Ray
Franklin's London Family
Polly Stevenson
The Shipley Girls
Deborah's Last Lonely Years
"A Thorough Courtier"
The Ladies of France
A Treaty of the Heart
Rejected Suitor
Home Again
VI. Something of His Religon
A Practical Theology
"A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain
A Reconsideration of Freethinkin
Articles of Belif and Acts of Religion
A Summary of Belief
"Here is My Creed"

Notes on the Sources
The Sources
Additional Reading
Afterword: Imagining Benjamin Franklin