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From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions, Second EditionFrom Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions, Second Edition
Ruth A. Tucker
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Christian history at its best, from one of the most respected missiologists of our day! Gripping and informative, this long-awaited second edition traces 2,000 years of missions, from the days of the early church to the present. Celebrate the ministries of Paul, Boniface, Adoniram Judson, Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot, Mother Teresa, Brother Andrew, and many others. 526 pages, hardcover from Zondervan.

American Women in MissionAmerican Women in Mission
Dana Robert
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American Women in Mission is the first book on women in mission to include mainline Protestant, Evangelical, and Roman Catholic women in one narrative. Chronological in scope, comprehensive in research and written with clarity, this is the definitive treatment of American women in missions. The Modern Mission Era 1792- 1992.

The Great Commission: Evangelicals and the History of World MissionsThe Great Commission: Evangelicals and the History of World Missions
Edited by Martin Klauber & Scott M. Manetsch
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A thorough treatment of Christian evangelism and missions by respected theologians has been difficult to come by until now. Two professors of Church History and the History of Christian Thought (both at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) brought together many of their colleagues from Trinity and around the country in 2006 to honor Dr. John D. Woodbridge (celebrating his 65th birthday and over 35 years of deep involvement in evangelistic missions as Professor at Trinity). Indeed the contributors to the book are all students of Woodbridge, and the book is dedicated lovingly to him.

Distinguished people ranging from Fred Beuttler, Deputy Historian of the U. S. House of Representatives, to well-published authors Erwin Lutzer and D. A. Carson contribute to this book, and their essays deftly fine-tune the subject, at once illuminating and engaging the reader. Historically retrospective but sufficiently progressive to address modern issues concerning the ongoing Great Commission, the book is divided into three parts: Early Protestant Missions, Modern Anglo-American Missions, and Majority Church Missions (outlining the great commission in Latin America, Asia and Africa).

An annotated bibliography of Woodbridge's contributions to these fields of study and a second comprehensive bibliography with over 200 resources rounds out this extremely informative and useful book.


Disciples of All Nations: Pillars of World ChristianityDisciples of All Nations: Pillars of World Christianity
Lamin Sanneh

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"One of this generation's most significant Christian intellectuals," Christianity Today says of the author. Here is the little-known story of how Christianity has become the dominant religion in a number of former Western colonies and in the process has transformed worship, interpretation of Scripture, and day-to-day practices. 368 pages, softcover. Oxford University.


Evangelism in the Early Church, Revised EditionEvangelism in the Early Church, Revised Edition
Michael Green
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"A fascinating book that will be read with profit all around the world,"---Christianity Today. By what avenues did the early Christians spread their faith, and how can we apply their lessons today? Carefully researched and quoting frequently from primary sources, this is a modern classic. 474 pages, softcover. Eerdmans.

Spreading Fires: The Missionary Nature of Early PentecostalismSpreading Fires: The Missionary Nature of Early Pentecostalism
Allan Anderson
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Ever since its beginnings, Pentecostalism has had a missionary fervor that made it seem to spread as if by spontaneous combustion. Anderson mines the diaries and letters of leaders around the globe to give you a flavor of the movement's momentum during its first 25 years, then sums up current practices and theology. 320 pages, softcover. Orbis.


Five Pioneer MissionariesFive Pioneer Missionaries
John Legg
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There are few more thrilling periods of church history than the great missionary movement which stretched from the eighteenth into the nineteenth century. Recognizing that Jesus Christ was the missionary sent by the Father, and that the Bible is the Magna Carta of missions, men like Henry Martyn, John G. Paton, John Eliot, David Brainerd, and William Chalmers Burns left home, family and love for the sake of Christ and to spread his bood news. The narratives of their monumental labors and sufferings and their strong longings to see Christ glorified in the salvation of the nations make awe-inspiring and God-honoring reading.

The Missionary Movement In Christian HistoryThe Missionary Movement In Christian History
Andrew Walls
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Formerly a missionary to Sierra Leone, and Professor Emeritus of the Study of Christianity in the non-Western World at the University of Edinburgh, Andrew F. Walls is arguably, the foremost intellectual authority on Christian Missions today. In , Walls brings together lectures and articles, many for the first time, and makes them available to scholars, students, and laity interested in World Missions. While examining many of the most pressing issues in missions today such as, indigenous forms of Christianity, colonialism in Modern Africa, Walls also reveal the paradoxes of the Christian movement as a whole in discussing just how different specific form s of Christianity are from one another. Winner of the 1997 Christianity Today Book Award this book is a definitive work on the way Christianity has spread around the world, the forms it has taken, and the challenges that lie ahead. Missionary Movement in Christian History: Studies in the Transmission of Faith is an excellent place to begin Missiological study, or to augment already existing research.

Maryknoll in China: A History 1918-1955Maryknoll in China: A History 1918-1955
Jean-Paul Wiest
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A history of China missions. The Author shows the progress of the China mission from its birth in 1918 to the persecution that began with the Communist triumph in 1949 and its fateful aftermath.

A History of Christian Missions: The Penguin History of the Church, Volume 6A History of Christian Missions: The Penguin History of the Church, Volume 6
Stephen Neill
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A History of Christian Missions traces the expansion of Christianity from its origins in the Middle East to Rome, the rest of Europe and the Colonies, and assesses its position as a major religious force worldwide. Many of the world's religions have not actively sought converts, largely because they have been too regional in character. Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, however, are the three chief exceptions to this, and Christianity in particular has found a home in almost every country in the world.

Professor Neill's excellent and authoritative survey examines centuries of missionary activity, beginning with Christ and working through the Crusades and the colonization of Asia and Africa up to the present day, concluding with a shrewd look ahead to what the future may hold for the Christian Church. This revised edition of the late Professor Neill's work has been updated according to his projected intentions by Owen Chadwick.

Changing Frontiers in MissionChanging Frontiers in Mission
William Shenk
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From the publisher: Changing Frontiers of Mission reflects on the history of missions and seeks to discern its path for the future. Ever since Jesus' time, mission must precede the church. The renewal of the church is linked to recovery of this priority of mission. Unlike in the past, where the "frontier" was a geographical location, the future "frontier" is symbolizd by outward movement, away from the status quo, and toward new challenges, growth and opportunities. Shenk organizes the book in sections dealing with: (1) theological frontiers; (2) frontiers in theory and practice; (3) contemporary Western culture as a missiological frontier; and (4) discerning changes in the historical patterns of carrying on mission. With Christians in every part of the world, the "frontier" needs to be flexible and responsive to the socio-political changes in our world. Outdated geographical boundaries of "frontier" may be the greatest obstacle to missions in our world today.

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