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How Great Thou Art I: An Inspirational Approach to Drawing, RevisedHow Great Thou Art I: An Inspirational Approach to Drawing, Revised
Barry Stebbing
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This conversational drawing-book combines casual text, simple lessons and quotes for the great artists for a fantastic introduction to drawing. Starting with the basics--"Draw lines, young man, draw lines!"--and incrementally growing towards the advanced--copying the masters and creating portait studies--students will learn about the steps it takes in order to become a truly good artist, as well as those who've already achieved such a distinction. Illustrations at each step of the way provide visual examples of the textual instructions. 116 pages, softcover with a blank "Sketchbook" included in the back. Five pen & ink cards are also included. Ages 13 & up. Supplies that are recommended to be purchased separately include: a drawing pencil set, an ultra fine black pen, calligraphy pen, pencil sharpener & a kneaded eraser.

Draw Write Now, Book 8: Savannas, Grasslands, Mountains & DesertsDraw Write Now, Book 8: Savannas, Grasslands, Mountains & Deserts
Marie Hablitzel, Kim Stitzer
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Explore the world with Draw Write Now's theme-based drawing and handwriting lessons. Each features a finished, full-color picture with informational, related copywork on one page, and a facing page showing the step-by-step instructions for completing the illustration. Perfect as an independent study, curriculum supplement, or unit study, the main topic is explored through reading-extension suggestions, map work, and individual lessons that include a topically-related question. With drawing and handwriting requiring many of the same skills, the regular practice found in Draw Write Now is designed to help students build their creativity and technical skills.

"Book Eight: Animals of the World, Part II: Grassland and Desert Animals" focuses on the animals found in the savannas, grasslands, mountains and deserts. Twenty animal-based lessons (including cheetahs, camels, elephants, camels, yaks, and more), plus four "learn more" continent-based lessons are included.

64 glossy, full-color, non-consumable, classroom-reproducible pages; softcover. Answers to the lesson-questions are included. Copywork is in a block manuscript style; parents can have students write using their preferred method. A beginning teaching tip section provides a guide on implementing the book. Grades PreK-Grade3.


Draw and Write Through History 6 Invention, Exploration, & WarDraw and Write Through History 6 Invention, Exploration, & War
Carylee Gressman
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Draw and write your way through the history of the 20th century as you learn about inventions, the Antarctic exploration, World War I, World War II, the Civil Rights Movements, and missionary work in Ecuador. Drawings are shown with step by step illustrations that progress from sketches to full-color illustrations, and copywork is written out in cursive. Great for supplementing any history program! Ages 8-12. 64 pages, softcover.

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