Aesop's FablesAesop's Fables
S.A. Handsford
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The essential collection of more than two hundred of Aesop's famous animal fables. Many of these tales are so well known they have given us phrases we use every day - like dog in the manger or sour grapes - but even the rarer ones seem familiar, because their simple morals are based on universal truths. From the tortoise and the hare or the boy who cried wolf to the treacherous partridge or the big and little fish, Aesop's wise and foolish creatures are a lasting delight. Complete and unabridged.

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1. A Case for Patience
2. Friend or Foe?
3. Sour Grapes
4. Actions Speak Louder than Words
5. Fools Die for Want of Wisdom
6. Dead en Tell No Tales
7. Look Before You Leap
8. Cut Off Your Tails to Save My Face!
9. The Fox and the Mask
10. A Lesson for Fools
11. One-Way Traffic
12. Reaping Without Sowing
13. Taught by Experience
14. The Fox Out-Foxed
15. Blood-Suckers
16. Men and Lions
17. It Is Quality Not Quantity That Counts
18. Disarmed
19. Third Party Profit
20. A Bird in the Hand
21. The Lion's Share
22. A Companion in Fear
23. The Mighty Fallen
24. A Resepcter of Persons
25. Negotiating from Weakness
26. A Plotter Out-Plotted
27. The Wages of Treachery
28. Always in the Wrong
29. Kindness Ill Requited
30. The Pot Calls the Kettle Black
31. A Commuist Dictator
32. Misplaced Confidence
33. Born Plunderers
34. Trying to Make a Silk Purse Out of a Sow's Ear
35. Delusion
36. A Case of Mistaken Identity
37. Second Thoughts
38. Ready for Action
39. As Good as His Word
40. Pride Will Have a Fall
41. Town Mouse and Country Mouse
42. We Get the Rulers We Deserve
43. One Is Enough
44. A Voice and Nothing More
45. Making the Punishment Fit the Crime
46. Too Big for Her Skin
47. A Less Learnt Too Late
48. Doubly Disabled
49. The Imitative Instinct
50. A Clumsy Liar
51. Killed by Kindness
52. A Blood Feud
53. Evil for Good
54. Cursed Above All Cattle
55. United Against the Common Foe
56. The Best Method of Defence
57. Vengeance at any Price
58. A Biter Bit
59. Ill-Judged Rivalry
60. Caught onthe Blind Side
61. Bitten but Not Shy
62. A Breed of Faint-Hearts
63. The Irony of Fate
64. How the Tortoise Got Its Shell
65. A Waste of Good Counsel
66. Slow but Sure
67. The Reward of the Wicked
68. Repayment in Kind
69. The Jackdaw Who Would be an Eagle
70. Hope Deferred
71. Getting the Worst of Both Worlds
72. Borrowed Plumes
73. A Bird int he Hand
74. Breach of Promise
75. Right of Asylum
76. Fireside Sketch
77. Tit for Tat
78. Nature's Punishment of Discontent
79. When a Man Means Business
80. Swan Song
81. The Victor Vanquished
82. Discretion Is the Better Part of Valour
83. A Different Point of View
84. Misplaced Confidence
85. The Law of Self-Preservation
86. Look Before You Leap
87. Born to Trouble
88. Traitor's Death
89. Cherishing a Viper
90. The Punishment of Selfishness
91. Save Us in the Time of Trouble
92. A Bad Bargain
93. Feline Sophistry
94. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
95.Villainy Unmasked
96. Metamorphosis
97. The Patience of Fear
98. Nothing to Lose
99. Hoist with Her Own Petard
100. Friends Old and New
101. One Thing at a Time
102. A Bad Workman
103. Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing
104. Birds ofa Feather
105. Counting the Cost
106. Too Clever by Half
107. Asinine Pride
108. An Ass in a Lion's Skin (1)
109. An Ass in a Lion's Skin (2)
110. Know Your Limitations
111. Every Man to His Own Trade
112. One Master as Good as Another
113. Forewarned is Forearmed
114. Eating the Bread of Idleness
115. Recknoning Without His Host
116. Things Are Not Always What They Seem
117. Profiting by Experience
118. Substance and Shadow
119. Lost to Shame
120. Turning the Tables on a Pursuer
121. Not Interested
122. False-Hearted Fawning
123. Asleep with One Ey Open
124. Incorruptible
125. Dog in the Manger
126. All the Difference
127. Something to Squeal About
128. Scamped Work
129. A Person of No Importance
130. Despise Not a Feeble Folk
131. Example Is Better than Precept
132. Proof Positive
133. Bearding the Lion
134. Beneath Notice
135. The Wages of Malice
136. Why the Ant Is a Thief
137. Go to the Ant, Thou Sluggard (1)
138. Go to the Ant, Thou Sluggard (2)
139. One Good Turn Deserves Another
140. The Axe is Laid Unto the Root of the Trees
141. Bowing Before the Storm
142. A Fabled Flower that Fades Not
143. The Gentle Art of Persuasion
144. Sprintime and Winter
145. Easily Remedied
146. Marching on the Stomach
147. The Impious Huckster
148. Who Art Thou that Judgest?
149. What a Piece of Work Is Man
150. A Rash Prayer Answered
151. Dirt Cheap
152. A Cartload of Mischief
153. Why Giants Are Boobies
154. All Lost Save Hope
155. Room for Improvement
156. Honesty Is the Best Policy
157. The Fault, Dear Brutus, is Not in Our Stars, but in Ourselves
158. No Respite
159. Why Some Men Are Loutish Brutes
160. A City of Lies
161. The Eye-Doctor
162. Incurable
163. A Common Cheat
164. A Warning Against Calumny
165. A Prophet Without Knowledge
166. Truth Turned Liar
167. The Swindler
168. Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child
169. The Charlatan
170. God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
171. The Burner Burnt
172. Treasure Trove
173. Unity Is Strength
174. A Mountain Out of a Molehill
175. Mote and Beam
176. A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed
177. Share and Share Alike
178. Much Wants More
179. Memento Mori
180. Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also
181. Seeing Is Believing
182. Plucked Clean
183. Blind Man's Touch
184. Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire
185. Brave Talk
186. Business Firt
187. Hating Unto Death
188. The Ungodly Increase in Riches
189. Falsely Accused
190. One Swallow Does Not Make a Sumemr
191. Favourable Omens
192. La Forze del Destino
193. An Unseasonable Reproof
194. Use Is Everything
195. Learning by Bitter Experience
196. Crying Wolf Too Often
197. A Philosophic Baldpate
198. Friends Indeed
199. The Riddle of Will
200. A Craven Braggart
201. None So Deaf as Those That Won't Hear
202. His Own Trumpeter
203. Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman!
204. Bit and Little Fish
205. Fishing in Troubled Waters
206. Familiarity Breeds Contempt
207. Self-Deception