Lesson One: The ABC's of Life: The Skills We Need but Were Never TaughtLesson One: The ABC's of Life: The Skills We Need but Were Never Taught
Jon Oliver, Michael Ryan
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This indispensable book gives adults a proven plan to help children develop the life skills and internal discipline necessary to learn and thrive in today's society. Following the logical progression of a child's development, the book uses upbeat activities and game that adults and children can share to ground themselves in Lesson One skills for use in everyday life. Offering much-needed answers to major problems gripping our culture, here is the book that anyone living and working with children has been waiting for--a lesson plan that works for life.

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1. Discovering Lesson One
2. Jon's Story: Making My Life My Own
3. The Art of Living and Working with Kids
Developing Your Natural Talent
How to Use This Book
4. The Pledge for Success
I Will Listen to What Others Have to Say
I Will Treat Others the Way I Would Like to Be Treated
I Will Respect the Diversity of All People
I Will Remember That I have People Who Care About Me in My Family, School, and Community
I Will Try My Best
5. Self-Control
6. Self-Control Time
7. Self-Confidence
8. Responsibility and Consequences
9. Thinking and Problem Solving
10. Cooperation
11. Putting It Together