Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)
Walden and Other Writings of Henry David Thoreau, Vol. 0000Walden and Other Writings of Henry David Thoreau, Vol. 0000
Henry David Thoreau
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Henry David Thoreau's vision of personal freedom is indelibly etched on the American consciousness. "We need the tonic of wilderness," Thoreau wrote in Walden, and by turning his back on town amenities to build a house on Walden Pond in 1845, he helped shape our notions of the individual subsistence, and a moral relation to nature. Included here with the complete text of Walden are selections from Thoreau's first book, A Week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers; "A Plea for Captain John Brown," his eloquent defense of the American abolitionist's rebellion at Harper's Ferry, and such masterpieces as his famous essay "Civil Disobedience". 790 pages, hardcover with dust jacket.

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  • Walden and Other Writings

    A Year in Thoreau's Journal: 1851A Year in Thoreau's Journal: 1851
    Henry David Thoreau
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    Thoreau's journal of 1851 reveals profound ideas and observations in the making, including wonderful writing on the natural history of Concord.

    The Writings of Henry David Thoreau: Journal Vol. 2: 1842-1848The Writings of Henry David Thoreau: Journal Vol. 2: 1842-1848
    Henry David Thoreau, John C. Broderick

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    From 1837 to 1862 Thoreau wrote over two million words in his Journal, a compendium of private thoughts and experiences that ultimately filled forty-seven manuscript volumes. Its purpose and contents evolved over these years, for the Journal began as a conventional record of ideas and reflections, grew into a writer's workbook, and eventually became the principal imaginitive work of Thoreau's literary career. Source of both his published writings and several unfinished works, the Journal was also an ideal complement to Thoreau's artistic vocation; in its privacy he could write, constantly and copiously, free from the restrictions imposed by conventional editors and readers.

    The Writings of Henry David Thoreau: Journal, Vol. 4 1851-1852The Writings of Henry David Thoreau: Journal, Vol. 4 1851-1852
    Henry David Thoreau
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    In the publication of The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau, Princeton University press joins university presses throughout the United States in making the works of major American writers available in comprehensive scholarly editions. Although Thoreau has earned a national and international reputation as a naturalist, social critic and philosopher of human rights, as well as a literary artist of the first rank, no scholarly edition of his complete writings has been previously been undertaken. In addition to newly edited texts of his major published works, the edition will include his poetry, translations, correspondence, college essays, and unfinished late natural history projects, "Wild Fruits" and " The Dispersion of Seeds." Thoreau's Journal--the private record of his experiences, the source of his many writings, and a unique literary document in itself--will be printed for the first time in its original, unrevised form, including many previously unpublished passages and notebooks.

    This Volume, Journal 4, covers the years 1851-1852, and includes textual, historical and editorial notes. 787 pages, indexed. Cloth-bound hardcover.

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