A Kiss for Cade, Western Sky Series #2A Kiss for Cade, Western Sky Series #2
Lori Copeland
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Famous bounty hunter Cade Kolby is forced off the trail to decide the fate of his late sister's orphaned children. He's not just returning to his hometown and nieces and nephews, but also to the fiery redhead he loved and left 17 years ago.

The last person Zoe Bradshaw wants to see is Cade. She tries to be cool and polite, even as the attraction between them flares up again. Only this time, Zoe is determined to not let Cade get close to her heart. But the townsfolk have other ideas. They want to see the little orphans with a mother and a father, and they form a plan that includes the possibility of a kiss...


 A Kiss for Cade Discussion Questions: Lori Copeland


1. Cade was gone for fifteen years. In what ways—other than age, does that length of time change a person?


2. Zoe wants and loves Addy’s children, but Cade feels his sister’s children deserve a home with both
mother and father. In today’s society, we see single parents nurturing children in a fine way. Does Cade
have a valid point? Can a father provide what a mother cannot?


3. Have you lived in a town similar to Winterborn? How does the town’s colorful characters compare with
your experiences?


4. Is there a way to truly put your past behind you?


5. Do you know a man or woman like Sawyer Gayford,a soul who craves recognition? Is this an inborn
trait that we all experience? God tells us to be humble but how hard is that to practice on a daily basis?


6. Cade Colby is a bounty hunter. He kills for money. If Cade were wearing a Marshall’s badge he would
be respected and a hero for bringing in the vile and miscreants. Why does a badge make a marshal a hero,
and the lack of one make Cade Kolby a ruthless killer?


7. Do you believe that God has one specific mate for us? How do we find that mate? Talk about
some Biblical guidelines in our quest to find that person in today’s harried world. And does everyone
have one?


8. Jeremiah 3:22 tells us “Return, you backsliding children, And I will heal your backslidings.”
(NKJ) Have you ever made choices you feel God won’t forgive? Or rather are they choices you
can’t forgive?


9. Would you say that Cade had admirable reasons to choose his profession? Can you name a
few good things that came out of his choice?


10. Cade and Zoe chose to remain in Winterborn with a new name and a new start. Would the
community you live in be as accepting of your past as the folks in Winterborn were of Cade’s?
Thoughts and observations?


11. Each of you will take away a different meaning to this story. Is it the Prodigal Son returns?
God can forgive all things? Love thy neighbor as thy self? Share what makes this book memorable
to you.



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