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The RepublicThe Republic
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Written in the form of a dialogue in which Socrates questions his students and fellow citizens, The Republic concerns itself chiefly with the questions,"What is justice?," as well as Plato's theory of ideas and his conception of the philosopher's role in society. To explore the latter, he invents the allegory of the cave to illustrate his notion that ordinary men are like prisoners in a cave, observing only the shadows of things, while philosophers are those who venture outside the cave and see things as they really are, and whose task it is to return to the cave and tell the truth about what they have seen. This dynamic metaphor expresses at once the eternal conflict between the world of the senses ( the cave) and the world of iIdeas (the world outside the cave), and the philosopher's role as mediator between the two.

The Dialogues of PlatoThe Dialogues of Plato
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"The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates' ancient words are still true, and the ideas found in Plato's Dialogues still form the foundation of a thinking person's education. This superb collection contains excellent contemporary translations selected for their clarity and accessibility to today's reader, as well as an incisive introduction by Erich Segal, which reveals Plato's life and clarifies the philosophical issues examined in each dialogue. The first four dialogues recount the trial and execution of Socrates the extraordinary tragedy that changed Plato's life and so altered the course of Western thought. Other dialogues create a rich tableau of intellectual life in Athens in the fourth century B.C., and examine the nature of virtue and love, knowledge and truth, society and the individual. Resounding with the humor and astounding brilliance of Socrates, the immortal iconoclast, these great works remain powerful, probing, and essential.

Symposium and The Death of SocratesSymposium and The Death of Socrates
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In Symposium, a group of Athenian aristocrats attend a party and talk about love, until the drunken Alcibiades bursts in and decides to discuss Socrates instead. Symposium gives an unsurpassed picture of the sparkling society that was Athens at the height of her empire.

The setting of the other dialogues is more somber. Socrates is put on trial for impiety, and sentenced to death. Euthyphro discusses the nature of piety, Apology is Socrates' speech in his own defense, Crito explains his refusal to escape punishment, and Phaedo gives an account of Socrates' last day. These dialogues have never been offered in one volume before. Tom Griffith's Symposium has been described as 'possibly the finest translation of any Platonic dialogue'. All the other translations are new. 240 pages, paperback.

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Translated by John Llewelyn Davies and David James Vaughan. With an Introduction by Stephen Watt.

The ideas of Plato (c429-347BC) have influenced Western philosophers for over two thousand years, and even beyond philosophy, he has exerted a major influence on the development of Western literature, politics and theology.

The Republic deals with the great range of Plato's thought, but is particularly concerned with what makes a well-balanced society and individual. It combines argument and myth to advocate a life organized by reason rather than dominated by desires and appetites. Regarded by some as the foundation document of totalitarianism, by others as a call to develop the full potential of humanity, the Republic remains a challenging and intensely exciting work.

Timaeus and CritiasTimaeus and Critias
Plato, Desmond Lee, Thomas Kjeller Johansen
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Timaeus and Critias is a Socratic dialogue in two parts. A response to an account of an ideal state told by Socrates, it begins with Timaeus's theoretical exposition of the cosmos and his story describing the creation of the universe, from its very beginning to the coming of man. Timaeus introduces the idea of a creator God and speculates on the structure and composition of the physical world. Critias, the second part of Plato's dialogue, comprises an account of the rise and fall of Atlantis, an ancient, mighty and prosperous empire ruled by the descendants of Poseidon, which ultimately sank into the sea. 176 pages, softcover.

The RepublicThe Republic
Plato, Alexander Lindsay
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The central work of one of the West's greatest philosophers, The Republic of Plato is a masterpiece of insight and feeling, the finest of the Socratic dialogues, and one of the great books of Western culture. Now Robin Waterfield offers a new translation of The Republic, one that captures the dramatic realism, poetic beauty, intellectual vitality, and emotional power of Plato at his height.

Deftly weaving three main strands of argument into an artistic whole--the ethical and political, the aesthetic and mystical, and the metaphysical--Plato explores in The Republic the elements of the ideal community, where morality can be achieved in a balance of wisdom, courage, and restraint. But of course the dialogue is as much about our internal life as about social morality, for these vital elements must likewise work together to create harmonious human beings. Equally important, Plato achieves more than a philosophical dialogue of lasting fame and importance: The Republic is a literary masterpiece as well, presenting the philosophy with poetic power, with strikingly memorable images (the simile of the cave being the best known of Plato's unforgettable images of the human condition), carrying the reader along by the wit and intensity of the language.

The Republic and Other WorksThe Republic and Other Works
Plato, Benjamin Jowett
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Classical philosopsphy i samong the greatest treasures of western civilization. In The Republic & Other Works we are treated to treated to several specific classical works, and teh writings of other influential philosophers.

Contents Include

  • The Republic
  • The Symposium
  • Parmenides
  • Euthyphro
  • Apology
  • Crito
  • Phaedo


The Republic: The Complete and Unabridged Jowett TranslationThe Republic: The Complete and Unabridged Jowett Translation
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In the course of its tautly reasoned Socratic dialogues, The Republic accomplishes nothing less than an anatomy of the soul and an exhaustive description of a state that both mirrors and enforces the soul's ideal harmony. The resulting text is at once mystical and elegantly logical and may be read as a template for the societies in which most of us live today.

Plato: On Love Unabridged Audiobook on CDPlato: On Love Unabridged Audiobook on CD
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Plato's dialogue in the Symposium, which has as its topic the subject of love, explores the idea of love as a means of ascent to contemplation of the Divine. For Plato, generally, to love other human beings is to direct one's mind to love of Divinity. One proceeds from recognition of another's beauty to appreciation of Beauty as it exists apart from any individual, to consideration of Divinity, the source of Beauty, to love of Divinity. Influential, particularly in Victorian England, Plato's thoughts On Love are timelessly presented in this fresh recording. Unabridged on CD.


A Plato PrimerA Plato Primer
J.D.G. Evans
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Plato is not merely a philosophical giant, but a master stylist whose diverse literary forms make it difficult to pin down his exact views. Starting with The Republic (Plato's major work), Evans uncovers core theses, concepts, and arguments traceable throughout his writings; then analyzes each in terms of modern philosophical categories. 176 pages, softcover. Cornell University.

Richard Hare

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The earliest philosopher whose work has survived extensively, Plato remains the starting-point in the study of logic, metaphysics, and moral and political philosophy. R.M. Hare provides a concise, well-connected introduction to Plato's dialogues, focusing on the central problems which led Plato to become a philosopher. He describes these problems and Plato's solutions with great clarity, and sets them in the context of Plato's life and times, and his place in the history of philosophy.

A Companion to PlatoA Companion to Plato
Hugh H. Benson(Ed.)

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Delve into Plato through the understanding of the leading Platonic scholars as they examine the different ways in which we still deal with Plato's legacy today. From perception and knowledge to politics and cosmology, readers will see how Plato's positions compare and contrast with those put out by others. An overview of Plato's life, works and philosophical method is also included. 496 pages.

Understanding Plato's RepublicUnderstanding Plato's Republic
Gerasimos Santas

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Study concepts of justice that inform Plato's Republic! This helpful guide covers The Republic'sfundamental ideas and Plato's main argument, as well as the coherence of The Republic as a whole.
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