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American Revolution: Sources and Documents 1764-1788American Revolution: Sources and Documents 1764-1788
Samuel E. Morison
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The sources and documents presented in this book reflect the ideological revolution in America, encompassing the growth of independent sentiment in the colonies, the break with the mother country, and the establishment of a federal government by the states. All the essential documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Federal Constitution are included here, as are the more important acts, resolves, state constitutions, and royal instructions not easily obtainable elsewhere. The popular feeling that found its eventual expression in the great comprehensive documents of the Revolution is recreated through selections from debates, letters, and pamphlets. Altogether, these sources and documents bring into sharp focus the taxation question, the Western problem (proceedings of an Indian congress and frontier petitions are included), the War of Independence, and the formation of state and federal constitutions (including debates over slavery and the centralization of government).

A Concise History of the American Republic Second Edition, single volumeA Concise History of the American Republic Second Edition, single volume
Samuel Eliot Morison, William Edward Leuchtenburg, Henry Steele Commager

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A Concise History of the American Republic, Second Edition, is a compact, authoritative, gracefully written narrative of American history from the arrival of the Native Americans' Siberian forebears to the economic conflicts of the Carter and Reagan administrations. Its distinguished authors embrace a full range of the American experience: economic and social, literary and spiritual, political and military. In the engaging narrative that has made this work so well received, the second edition offers fresh and incisive analyses of the American party system, the Cold War, unemployment, environmental problems, Middle East conflicts, the energy crisis, our relations with China, the issues surrounding various elections, and much more. Major social, political, and economic policies and trends that have affected women and minority groups are recorded in detail. A Concise History is illustrated with 30 maps and over 200 paintings, cartoons, and photographs. This text contains both volumes of Concise History of the American Republic. Vol 1. #031814 and Vol. 2 #031822. Volumes 1 and Volumes 2 can be purchased separately.

Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647 Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647
William Bradford, Samuel Eliot Morison
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A new edition. The complete text with notes and an introduction by Samuel Eliot Morison. The definitive edition of one of the great American classics. Bradford's history is a story of a simple people inspired by an ardent faith to a dauntless courage in danger, a resourcefulness in dealing with new problems, an impregnable fortitude in adversity that exalts and heartens one in an age of uncertainty, when courage falters and faith grows dim. It is this story, told by a great human being, that has made the Pilgrim Fathers in a sense the spiritual ancestors of all Americans, all pioneers. Thus Samuel Eliot Morison, the preeminent American historian in this field, in his Preface to this great American classic. For the first time the printed text of Bradford's history has been compared word for word with the original manuscript; for the first time the difficult abbreviations and contractions used by Bradford have been filled out and his archaic and variant spellings made uniform. This edition has a double value: it presents Governor Bradford's text in readable form and it provides contemporary readers with a history of that text and its enduring significance by the historian clearly elect to interpret it. 

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