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Scientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious BeliefsScientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious Beliefs
James A. Herrick
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Communication expert James Herrick probes the connection between science, fiction, and films that promote and justify alternative religions and spiritualities. His exploration of extraterrestrials, UFO's and alien gnosis will help you identify and respond as a person of faith to these growing cultural developments that already are having some influence on political, scientific and religious discussions and decisions.

Pocket Dictionary of New Religious Movements: Over 400 Groups,  Individuals & Ideas Clearly & Concisely DefinedPocket Dictionary of New Religious Movements: Over 400 Groups, Individuals & Ideas Clearly & Concisely Defined
Irving Hexham
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Studying new religious movements can be like trying to learn several languages at once, each with its own vocabualry, grammar and syntax. The flourishing variety of these movements today makes the task even more difficult. This book is designed to be an indispensable companion for students of religion and a fascinating guide for curious and perplexed observers of the religious scene. Among its approxiamtely 450 definitions are: specific groups, from the Aetherius Society to the Zion Christian Church; practices, from the Alexander technique to Yoga; UFO religion, from alien abductions to Unarius Academy of Science; symbols, from the ankh to yin-yang; religious texts, from the apocryphal New Tesatment to the Vinaya-Pitaka; and religious leaders, from George Adamski to Rabbi Zalman. Reference books on religion tend to be too large, expensive and unwieldy for those who want quick information. Here is a handy and affordable "help key" that will answer your questions about new religious movements.

Is the Big Bang Biblical? And 99 Other QuestionsIs the Big Bang Biblical? And 99 Other Questions
John D. Morris
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Do your kids have questions about science and the Bible? The president of the Institute for Creation Research has the answers! Drawing on the latest research, Morris offers clear, concise responses to 100 FAQs concerning controversial issues, including belief in a young Earth; evolution vs. creation; geological evidence for the flood; life on other planets; and many more. An informed look at hot topics! 215 pages, softcover.

UFOs and Aliens, DVDUFOs and Aliens, DVD
Jeri Ryan
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This DVD features visualizations, state-of-the art animation, and interviews with the top experts in the field of science, technology and UFOlogy - includng a talk with Jill Tarter. Initially broadcast on The Learning Channel, this program includes clips from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and Orson Welles in his War of the Worlds prime. Based on factual evidence and explored with flair, this collection provides an entertaining and exciting examination of UFO sightings, alien encounters, and our efforts to contact and communicate with potential extraterrestrial life and interstellar space.
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Handbook of Today's Religions

Handbook of Today's Religions
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