Great American Short StoriesGreat American Short Stories
Wallace Stegner, Mary Stegner
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A collection of short stories by 26 of America's most celebrated writers provdies a comprehensive survey of the origin and growth of this literary form. The selections in this volume represent each author working at the very height of his or her powers, producing memorable, brilliant fiction. Each story, too, is illustrative of the growth of the short story form, done to perfection by the writers who left their indelible mark on our national literary heritage.

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Washington Irving

Rip Van Winkle

Nathanial Hawthorne

Young Goodman Brown

Edgar Allan Poe

The Fall of the House of Usher

Herman Melville

Bartleby the Scrivener

Mark Twain

Baker's Bluejay Yarn

Bret Harte

Tennessee's Partner

Ambrose Bierce

The Boarded Window

Henry James

The Real Thing

Mary Wilkins Freeman

A Village Singer

Hamlin Garland

Mrs. Ripley's Trip

O. Henry

A Municipal Report

Edith Wharton

Roman Fever

Stephen Crane

The Open Boat

Sherwood Anderson

Unlighted Lamps

Wilbur Daniel Steele

The Man Who Saw through Heaven

Conrad Aiken

Silent Snow, Secret Snow

Katherine Anne Porter


James Thurber

The Catbird Seat

William March

The Little Wife

William Faulkner


John Steinbeck

The Snake

Paul Horgan

To the Mountains

John O'Hara

Over the River and Through the Wood

Walkter Van Tilburg Clark

The Wind and Snow of Winter

Eudora Welty


Hortense Calisher

In Greenwich There Are Many Gravelled Walks