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Geography: A Literature ApproachGeography: A Literature Approach
Rea C Berg
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Geography Through Literature is intended to accompany the Holling C. Holling series. Just as the old Indian guides of America's past led explorers through territory, not dictating every side trip, but opening up possibilities to the traveler, so should these guides lead but not dictate. Holling's books are so full of wonderful things that it would be burdensome to explore them all. If though, one is mainly pursuing a history course through these books, then it it recommended that the historical figures mentioned in the text be researched and studied more thoroughly. If one's main goal is a science course then the possibilites for pursuing biology, natural science, geography, ecology of various bodies of water, and more are unlimited. Puruse these things at your own discretion, keeping in mind your main goal.

Because of the richness of these books it is possible to encompass a broad course in history, geography, and science. Since the text is challenging in some instances, oral comprehension and vocabulary can be incorporated as well. It is suggested that intermediate students and above keep a notebook or journal recording their finding on various research projects suggested through the course. Students should keep a glossary of terms at the back of the notebook, which will prove useful for reference through the course. Those wishing to complete the course in one year should complete approximately one lesson per week.

4 18 x 24 Geography Maps4 18 x 24 Geography Maps
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This set of four 18"x 24" maps is used with the Geography through Literature study guide. Each blank map depicts a different area of the United States.

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