The House In Grosvenor Square Discussion Questions: Linore Burkard


1. What was the most pleasant surprise for you in The House in Grosvenor Square?


2. Which character would you say is your favoriteand why?


3. Does a character need to be somewhat heroic to qualify as a favorite for you? Why or why not?


4. Many of the characters are given opportunities to act heroically in this story. Which character is the most heroic? Talk about what make him or her most heroic.


5. How are the qualities of the most heroic character godly? Name a character quality from
this person that you would like to have more of in yourself.


6. Ariana Forsythe says she would not have had a much worse time during her abductions if not for her faith. How did her faith help her cope with the dangerous situations? If you were in her place, would you have fared as well? Why or why not?


7. Can you envision yourself relying on God in a dire situation and having good results? Why or why not?


8. Mrs. Bentley turns to the prayer book (The Book of Common Prayer) for comfort after her neice has been abducted. She asks Mr. Pellham to pray with her and then feels better afterward. Do you feel better after praying for something that’s been bothering you? Explain to someone else what it is about praying that makes you feel better (God’s faithfulness, your trust in Him, your experience in the past, and so forth).


9. Lord Antoine repents of his foolish past even before he entertains the idea of coming to faith in Christ. Can living right be its own reward? How so?


10. Is being good sufficient cause for a person to go to heaven when they die? Why or why not?





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