Archimedes and the Door of ScienceArchimedes and the Door of Science
Jeanne Bendick
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Imagine a biography, a study of mathematical and scientific concepts, and an overview of the culture of ancient Greece---all rolled into one! Students will love reading this personal account of Archimedes---one of the greatest minds of the ancient world. They'll discover, like Archimedes, the excitement of ideas and learning! Simple illustrations enhance the accessible text. Ages 10 and up. 142 pages, softcover from Bethlehem Books.


Landmark Books: The Story of Thomas Alva EdisonLandmark Books: The Story of Thomas Alva Edison
Margaret Cousins
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As a young boy, Thomas Alva Edison always wanted to know the answer to the question "Why?" At the age of ten, he set up his first scientific laboratory in the basement of his home. Soon after, he sold candy on a train so he could buy chemicals for another laboratory he'd set up in the baggage car. He was always wondering and experimenting. Thomas Edison grew up to become a brilliant inventor. He began his amazing career improving the telegraph, and went on to invent the light bulb, motion pictures, and the phonograph. He installed New York City's first electrical system, and he made improvements in almost every means of communication in use today. Here is the lively story of the genius who forever changed life in the twentieth century - and beyond.

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