There's No Such Thing As Business Ethics: Discover the One Rule for Making the Right DecisionsThere's No Such Thing As Business Ethics: Discover the One Rule for Making the Right Decisions
John C. Maxwell
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How can that be? Because a single standard applies to both your business and personal life--and it's one we all know and trust: the Golden Rule. Now bestselling author John C. Maxwell shows you how this revered ideal works everywhere, and how, especially business, it brings amazing dividends. This book offers stories from history, business, government, and sports that illustrate how talented leaders invoked this timeless principle. Understand the five most common reasons people compromise their ethics--and how you can prevail over such moral obstacles.

Maxwell not only reveals the many ways the Golden Rule creates the perfect environment for business success, but does it with great wisdom, warmth, and humor. Backed by flawless research and the ideas of history's best thinkers, this engaging book brilliantly demonstrates how doing the right thing fosters a winning situation for all, with positive results for employees, clients, inverstors, and even your own state of mind. Business runs much more smoothly, profits increase, and you know that you've set the groundwork for years of future properity--and it's all thanks to the tried-and-true Golden Rule.

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1. Whatever Happened to Business Ethics?
2. Why This Rule Is Golden
3. The Golden Rule Begins With You
4. Living a 24-Karat-God Life
5. Five Factors That Can "Tarnish" the Golden Rule
6. Seizing Your Golden Opportunity
7. How to Develope the "Midas Touch"
Conclusion: Go for the Gold(en) Rule