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First published in 1919 Barth's initial publication of The Epistle to the Romans received little fan fair. However in its second edition, (listed here), it fired an opening shot across the bow of modern liberal theology that had dominated Europe since the 18th Century. Romans stopped it dead in its tracks. Its effect was to reorient theologians back to the text of the Bible, and to take seriously once again the doctrine of revelation. Indispensable for all students of theology, hermeneutics, and biblical studies.

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The Cambridge Companion (CC) series is one of the most important reference series ever produced. Examining individuals and movements, they are standard points of reference and orientation in research. The CC to Karl Barth, is edited by specialist John Webster, and provides 18 introductory essays to Barth's thought written by a team of distinguished scholars including, Colin Gunton, A. Torrance, Trevor Hart, Francis Watson, B. McCormack, G. Hunsinger, Katheryne Tanner, and many others.

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Barth's Evangelical Theology is "evangelical" because it is Christ centered and soteriologically oriented. It stresses God's revelation to man instead of man's discovery of God. Theology's source and norm, for Barth is the Christ of the gospel. It is a theology which, says Barth, "nourished by the hidden sources of the documents of Israel's history, first achieved unambiguous expression in the writings of the NT evangelists, apostles, and prophets". For Barth it is also the theology re-discovered by the Reformation, and the theology that animates every aspect of his own theology.

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Among the studies of Karl Barth's thought, no other work covers, as this one does, the areas of political, doctrinal, and ecumenical theology in single compass. Written by a leading Barth scholar George Hunsinger, Disruptive Grace: Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth is unique not only for its range of study, depth of insight, and accuracy of presentation, but also for the way it displays the heart as well as the mind of the great Swiss pastor and theologian. Each of the book's three main sections consists of five major essays, and provide engagement with Barth's major works.

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Barth's direct critique of the major Enlightenment thinkers and the basis upon which he begins to formulate Christian theology again in his other works. There can be no complete understanding of Barth's thinking, nor the trajectory of his thought, apart from this volume. As such, for the serious Barth student, it is as necessary the Church Dogmatics. Every significant thinker of German Idealsim and its offspring is included. Kant, Hegel, Schelling, Schleiermacher, and many others.

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Drawing on a wealth of material, McCormack demonstrates that the fundamental decision which would control the whole of Barth's development - the turn to a critically realistic form of theological 'objectivism' - was already made when Barth was at work on Romans. McCormack further argues that the most significant subsequent decisions-- material and methodological--were made in 1924/5 while Barth worked on his Gottingen Dogmatics and were not based on Anselm's writings.

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To Barth, one of this century's most influential theologians, theology should never be an end in itself. Instead, it should be ''nothing other than sermon preparation.'' Now, in this new translation by Geoffrey Bromiley and Donald Daniels, students can meet and wrestle with Barth's homiletical definitions and ideas on sermon preparation, including his understanding of the ways preachers should interpret Scripture. Barth presented this material as seminar lectures in Bonn in 1932-33.

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There can be little doubt that John Calvin and Karl Barth belong to the first rank of great theologians of the Church and both continue to exert profound influence on friend and foe alike. Both were theologians whose writings have particularly helped to shape the world of Reformed theology. Historically, there can be little doubt that Calvin's influence on Reformed doctrine has been much greater than that of Barth, and this continues to be so in the present day despite Barth's increasing popularity...

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