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The New Global Mission: The Gospel from Everywhere to EveryoneThe New Global Mission: The Gospel from Everywhere to Everyone
Samuel Escobar
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Escobar has produced a highly readable introduction to Christian mission as well as a cogently presented biblical missiology in this important volume. Taking into account the new realities and challenges of globalization in this post-Christian and postmodern world, Escobar utilizes trinitarian theology in order to construct a holistic and relevant theology of mission. An informative and inspiring work, addressing our contemporary situation, yet calling us to participate in the global mission of the triune God.

Missions in the Third MillenniumMissions in the Third Millennium
Stan Guthrie
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Necessitated by the September 11th terrorist attacks , this newly revised and expanded edition of Stan Guthrie's missions analysis blazes the trail for the missions field in the 21st century. His keen insight supplies help to students, churches, missionaries, agencies, and Christians from outside the West in grasping the big picture and taking practical steps for more effective involvement. Notes, suggestions for further reading and discussion questions are included.

Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North AmericaMissional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America
Edited by Darrell L. Guder
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In this post-Christian era, the focus of the North American church centers on the maintenance of the institution rather than on God's mission. In this timely volume, six missiologists examine the church's loss of dominance in today's culture. Presenting a biblically based theology, they challenge the church to recover its missional vocation---here in North America. 288 pages, softcover from Eerdmans.

Constants in Context: Theology of Mission for TodayConstants in Context: Theology of Mission for Today
Stephen B. Bevans, Roger P. Schroeder
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(PUBOrbis)Following in the footsteps of Bosch's Transforming Mission, this is a mammoth, nuanced history of how the church has carried on mission throughout the centuries, focusing on major paradigm shifts that affected all denominations. Will be required reading in a variety of settings. 504 pages, softcover.


Discovering MissionsDiscovering Missions
Charles Gailey, Howard Culbertson
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Missions is a multi-faceted and theologically deep issue that many (even those inside Christian churches) do not understand at a rudimentary level. In Discovering Missions, Charles Gailey and Howard Culbertson provide a handbook covering missions from many angles, concentrating on modern missions and encouraging the readers' participation in it. From volunteerism to prayer, organizational models to philosophies of missions, the authors cover much ground in presenting and outlining a biblical framework to global missions work.

Contextualization in the New Testament: Patterns for Theology and MissionContextualization in the New Testament: Patterns for Theology and Mission
Dean Flemming
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Honored as one of the "Fifteen Outstanding Books of 2005 for Mission Studies" by International Bulletin of Missionary Research

From Cairo to Calcutta, from Cochabamba to Columbus, Christians are engaged in a conversation about how to speak and live the gospel in today's traditional, modern and emergent cultures. The technical term for their efforts is contextualization. Missionary theorists have pondered and written on it at length. More and more, those who do theology in the West are also trying to discover new ways of communicating and embodying the gospel for an emerging postmodern culture. But few have considered in depth how the early church contextualized the gospel. And yet the New Testament provides numerous examples.

As both a crosscultural missionary and a New Testament scholar, Dean Flemming is well equipped to examine how the early church contextualized the gospel and to draw out lessons for today. By carefully sifting the New Testament evidence, Flemming uncovers the patterns and parameters of a Paul or Mark or John as they spoke the Word on target, and he brings these to bear on our contemporary missiological task.

Rich in insights and conversant with frontline thinking, this is a book that will revitalize the conversation and refresh our speaking and living the gospel in today's cultures, whether in traditional, modern or emergent contexts.

Salvation to the Ends of the Earth: A Biblical Theology of Mission (New Studies in Biblical Theology)Salvation to the Ends of the Earth: A Biblical Theology of Mission (New Studies in Biblical Theology)
Peter T. O'Brien, Andreas J. Kostenberger
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The New Studies in Biblical Theology (NSBT) series is billed as "creative attempts to help thinking Christians understand their Bibles better" and "aims simultaneously to instruct and to edify, to interact with the current literature, and to point the way ahead." Salvation to the Ends of the Earth is the NSBT volume on missions, and it offers a biblical-theological look at the important topic of missions.

Authors Andreas Köstenberger and Peter T. O'Brien feel that missions has often been neglected in biblical theology. This is why they now offer us a comprehensive study of the theme of missions from a biblical-theological view, looking at how the entire Bible views missions. Their conclusion: "Mission is linked inextricably to humanity's sinfulness and need for redemption, and to God's provision of salvation in the person and work of Christ." The authors feel that the foundation of Christian mission must lay in Jesus' salvific mission as revealed in the Bible.

In their biblical-theological model, three aspects take precedence: history, literature and theology. Each aspect is used to discuss missions in: the Old Testament; the second-temple period; the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke-Acts); the letters of Paul; the letters of John; the General Epistles; Revelation. They attempt to answer tough questions like: Was Israel in the Old Testament called to an active missionary outreach like the church was called to in the New Testament? Can second-temple Judaism be characterized as a missionary religion? Did Jesus limit His mission to the Jews only, or was it also extended to the Gentiles as well? Did Paul encourage believers to emulate his own missionary activities?

Köstenberger and O'Brien feel that there may well be some discontinuity between mission in the Old and New Testaments, but they also feel that ", ultimately, God's Word" and that "we may legitimately expect to see an underlying logic and unity in the biblical message...for Scripture is united by one pervading purpose: the tracing of God's unfolding plan of redemption." Since "God acts coherently and purposefully in history" we can expect more unity than disunity between the Old and New Testaments regarding mission. Once that unity is known and understood, it can transform missions in our time. We will see the hand of God pointing the way to greater missionary endeavors, and we, as His ambassadors, will bring Salvation to the Ends of the Earth.


John Mark Terry
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Missiology is a vast resource that explores the biblical mandate for world evangelization, reviews the history of missions, and describes the current state of world religions. Explaining the findings of today's leading missiologists, this book provides an extensive overview of church growth, church planting, church development, missionary strategy, and urban and humanitarian ministries. This book is writen by over thirty authorities in fields such as history, anthropology, urbanology, world religions, strategic planning, and biblical and systematic theology. The three editors are former missionaries who are now professors of missions: John Mark Terry at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; and Ebbie Smith and Justice Anderson at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Reconciliation: Mission & Ministry in a Changing Social OrderReconciliation: Mission & Ministry in a Changing Social Order
Robert J. Schreiter
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Schreiter explores the paradoxes in social and religious reflection that reveal the violence inherent in the vocation of peacemaking. He finds the ultimate paradox in the Pauline notion that accords priority to the gracious but secret action of God in working to overcome the enmity between human persons in the cross of Christ - the cross becomes the symbol of deeper processes where discord is vanquished.

A Mind for MissionsA Mind for Missions
Paul Borthwick
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When starving children with bloated bellies appear on the nightly news, are you tempted to change channels? You're not alone. Borthwick presents 10 building blocks for sensitizing believers to the needs beyond our borders, and for sharpening our global vision. You'll find plenty of practical, ready-to-use ideas to promote involvement---prayer, giving, lifestyle choices, and more. 167 pages, softcover from NavPress.

A Biblical Theology of MissionsA Biblical Theology of Missions
George Peters
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This exhaustive theology of missions focuses on theory and biblical mandates for missions as a vital part of theology. Peters, a foremost missions authority, considers both liberal and conservative views, although his own stance is solidly evangelical. Paper, 368 pages.

Changing the Mind of Missions: Where Have We Gone Wrong?Changing the Mind of Missions: Where Have We Gone Wrong?
James Engel, William A. Dyrness
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Missions, in their contemporary, Western form, cannot be said to be successful, particularly in the area of discipleship. But where have we gone wrong? Part of the problem, according to Dyrness and Engel, is associating missions with "modernity...and Western forms of political and economic power." But more importantly, they assert that we Christians in the West have for too long interpreted the call to go and make disciples of all nations in a deficient manner, relegating the call to simply "communicating a set of biblical propositions to a maximum number of people, and declaring them as 'reached' once this takes place," thereby measuring our success "by numerical response" alone. This misinterpretation is seen in Changing the Mind of Missions as the greatest deterrent to successful missionary activity in our time. This book is a clarion call for the recovery of a New Testament mindset concerning missions. Additionaly, it seeks to help us all understand the New Testament's missionary God as evidenced in the life of Christ.

How did the early church achieve is amazing success? In the words of Dyrness and Engel, they recognized that "the appearance of Jesus Christ as God's messiah" inaugurated or began the "last days of God's reign on earth" and God's calling out "a people to announce and embody that reign." They also knew that "the power and authority for missions comes wholly and exclusively from the risen Christ who calls His church to serve Him." Accordingly, if these two conceptions do not form the foundation of our missions strategies, our strategies will fail, as Dyrness and Engel understand it.

They attempt to paint a picture of the missionary mindset in the New Testament and the church that lived that mindset out. They compare the various views of the Great Commission as expressed in each of the Gospels and in Acts, offering a composite view of missions. True missions are defined as those that "extend the mighty work that Christ embodied as he restored God's reign on earth--atoning for human sin on the cross and conquering sin and death in the resurrection." But there is a future aspect to missions as well, as missions should anticipate "what God will do one day when Christ returns in glory to renew the earth." Ultimately, true missions must be trinitarian: they are "God-originated, Christ-centered, and Spirit-empowered."

In the early part of the twentieth century, Roland Allen, in his book Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours?, went as far as to say that "we have not yet tried Paul's [missionary] method anywhere." Dyrness and Engel lay out what they see as both Paul's method, and the dominant method of missions in the New Testament. And they urge all Christians, particularly those with a heart for missions, to appropriate Paul's missionary method, and allow God to extend his reign in the earth. Heed their call, and you will truly begin to change the mind of missions.

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