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Martin Luther 1483-1546


Luther was born in Eislebin, Germany, in 1483. His was a religiously conservative peasant family, and the brilliant Martin was expected to become a jurist, make a prosperous marriage, and support his parents in their old age. When he entered the monastery of the Augustinian Hermits at Erfurt in 1505, his father was enraged.

While on pilgrimage to Rome in 1510, he became appalled by corruption, and was particularly disturbed by the sale of indulgences. After his travels Luther entered a time of religious searching which culminated in 1517 with his posting of the 95 theses to the church door at Wittenburg in 1517. This event is a pivotal moment in human history.

Having been appointed professor at the University of Wittenburg in 1511, Luther Luther had also received his doctorate which entitled him to question church doctrine and granted him the right to post the theses he wanted to debate. Critical to this period was Luther's work on Romans by which he came to a new understanding of the righteousness of God. Man can be justified only through faith, by the merit and work of Christ alone--Luther taught. But this was a touchstone, one lesson that spring Luther onto the world's stage and take his life in directions he could not have foreseen nor wished for. In the process, he became one of the most prolific author's and theologians the church has ever known.

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