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The Calvin HandbookThe Calvin Handbook
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With contributions by over 50 leading Calvin scholars, including Eberhard Busch, and Anthony N. S. Lane, this exceptionally well organized handbook offers students of Calvin easy access to his life, works, influence, and legacy, and unmatched scholarship on the great theologian. The handbook style serves the reader well by allowing easy navigation through every aspect of Calvin's life, thought, influence, and personal relationships. It is an excellent place to begin research or just learning about Calvin.

This book will serve students and professors in the classroom quite well, and is an up-to-date invaluable resource for anyone attempting to learn more about one of the most influential minds in world history.

Book Outline
A. Orientation (to Calvin)

B. Person
1.Stations (places where Calvin lived and worked)
2.Historical Connections
3.Theological Relations

C. Work
1. Types
2. Themes
3. Structures

D. Influence and Reception



George W. Stroup
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In this volume of the Abingdon Pillars of Theology George W. Stroup, treats arguably the most widely influential theologian since the Reformation, John Calvin As such, this book serves as an introduction to both Calvin's life and his theology which are, according to Stoup, "inseparable" if Calvin is to be understood rightly. Calvin cannot be understood apart from historical context, for it is in his context that his theology that has transcended so many cultural, denominational, and religious obstacles, was forged. Thus, Stroup sets Calvin in his historical context first, and then moves to understand Calvin's thought primarily through his magisterial Institutes of the Christian religion. This book will make an excellent resource for church study groups and for introductory college courses on Calvin, or on Theology. Stroup's writing is clear and brings Calvin's theology to life in a way that will help even the most complacent learn a great deal.

A Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes: Essays and AnalysisA Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes: Essays and Analysis
Edited by David W. Hall & Peter A. Lillback
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Capturing both the best of elite scholarship, as well as exhibiting a firm understanding of and passion for Calvin's own work, these essays by 20 elite Calvin scholars who appreciate the abiding value of Calvin's Institutes provide definitive and section-by-section commentary on Calvin's magnum opus.
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