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Secondary Literature on John Calvin (listed by publication date)


Calvin--Theologian and ReformerCalvin--Theologian and Reformer
Joel Beek, Garry Williams, editors
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This volume grows out of a conference at The John Owen Centre for Theological Study in London to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformer's birth. Topics covered include Calvin's life and reforming work, his Institutes of the Christian Religion, aspects of his theology, and his commitment to revolutionary living and powerful preaching. The contributors are Joel Beeke, Sinclair Ferguson, Ian Hamilton, Anthony Lane, Ray Pennings, and Paul Wells.

Bruce Gordon
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During the glory days of the French Renaissance, young John Calvin (1509-1564) experienced a profoundbut enigmatic conversion to the faith of the Reformation. For the rest of his days he lived out the implications of that transformation--as an exile, inspired reformer, and ultimately the dominant figure of the Protestant Reformation.

Calvin's vision of the Christian religion has inspired many volumes of analysis, but this engaging biography examines a remarkable life. Bruce Gordon's Calvin presents the Genevan reformer as a human being, a man at once brilliant, charismatic, forgiving, tempermental, generous, graceful, and shrewd.

With aprticular insight Calvin explores with particular insight Calvin's self-conscious view of himself as prophet and apostle for his age and his struggle to tame a sense of his own superiority, perceived by others as arrogance.

Gordon looks at Calvin's character, his maturing vision of God and humanity, his personal tragedies and failures, his extensive relationships with others, and the context within which he wrote and taught. What emerges is a man who devoted himself to the Church, inspiring and transforming the lives of others, especially those who suffered persecution for their religious beliefs.

Tributes to John Calvin: A Celebration of His QuincentenaryTributes to John Calvin: A Celebration of His Quincentenary
Edited by David Hall
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In July of 2009 scholars from around the globe gathered in Geneva to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth. Listen in as Blocher, Old, Lane, Hall, Kim, McGowan, Horton, Gamble, McCormack, Selderhuis, and others focus on Calvin as liturgist, his doctrine of Scripture, his impact on the arts, Calvinism in Asia. . . . 608 pages, hardcover. P&R.

Friends of CalvinFriends of Calvin
Machiel A. van den Berg
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See Calvin through the eyes of those who knew him best! From aristocrats and students to doctors and theologians, these insightful writings focus on who Calvin was instead of what he did. Includes essays by Claude d'Hangest, Nicolas Cop, William Farel, Idelette van Buren, Lord and Lady de Falais, John Knox, Theodore Beza, and others.

John Calvin: A Pilgrim's LifeJohn Calvin: A Pilgrim's Life
Herman J. Selderhuis
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If you're not familiar with the main contours of Calvin's life, you may be surprised by Herman Selderhuis's unusual perspective. He clarifies each stage of Calvin's development under a different role: orphan, pilgrim, stranger, refugee, preacher, victim, widower, patient, sailor, and soldier. Selderhuis shatters static, one-dimensional images of Calvin as a somber academic, revealing instead Calvin's complexities and depth.
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