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 Born on July 10th, 1509 in Lyons, France John Calvin would  become of the most  influential theologians in history,  a preeminent leader of the Reformation, and the  principle  architect of the Reformed theological tradition. Originally trained  as a humanist lawyer, Calvin converted to Protestantism around  1530, though the  details of his conversion have remained  notoriously enigmatic.

 When, shortly after converting, persecution against Protestants  broke out in  France, Calvin fled to Basil, Switzerland where he  published the first edition (1536)  of what would become a  seminal intellectual achievement in world history: The Institutes of the Christian Religion. In this same period, Calvin set out for  Strasbourg, but circumstances forced him to detour to Geneva. Intending to stay a  single night, so the story goes, Calvin was confronted by a local resident named William Farel who demanded Calvin submit to God's will and lead the fledgling reformation effort in Geneva. Despite strong emotional reservation Calvin agreed and remained in Geneva only to be banished from the city in 1538. 

At the invitation of Martin Bucer arrived in Strabourg in September 1538 until being recalled to Geneva in 1541. Although Calvin did continue to encounter resistance and controversy, especially in the Servetus and "libertine" affairs, he also continued to minister in Geneva until his death in April of 1664. The final edition of his life-long work The Institutes of the Christian Religion was published in 1559, and completed commentaries on 49 biblical books, along with numerous other theological works and volumes of personal correspondence.

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Sermons on the Book of MicahSermons on the Book of Micah
John Calvin
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Preached in Geneva from 1550 to 1551, these 28 sermons demonstrate the Reformer's high regard for God's Word and how its warnings against idolatry, superstition, inhumane acts, greed, and a host of other social and personal sins have a continuing relevance for every generation.

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Concerning the Eternal Predestination of GodConcerning the Eternal Predestination of God
John Calvin
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The name of John Calvin is often associated with the doctrine of predestination. Readers will witness Calvin masterfully arguing his points, wrestling with the scriptures, and fully engaged in the polemical world of sixteenth-century theological debate. Editor's Preface and Introduction Author's Introduction Calvin's Opponents and their theses Calvin's Contrary Thesis Supporting Evidence from St. Paul Supporting Evidence from St. Augusting The Witness of Scripture Pighius Arguments Pighius Proofs Refutation of Pighius Georgius Providence

The Bondage and Liberation of the WillThe Bondage and Liberation of the Will
John Calvin
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Edited by A. N. S. Lane; translated by G. I. Davies. An English translation of Calvin's most complete treatise of the relation between grace and free will.

The Secret Providence of GodThe Secret Providence of God
John Calvin
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This book, The Secret Providence of God is the account of Calvin's debate over free will with fellow frenchman Sebastian Castellio.

Yet, the history of that debate is hard to nail down. Calvin's repudiation (what this current book contains) of Castellio is accompanied by 14 essays that challenge Calvin's view of predestination and providence. Also included is Calvin's articulate and thorough response.

 For those seeking a deeper understanding of Calvin's preeminent and defining doctrine, this is the book. It not only rearticulates what is found in the Institutes, but develops it further in light of the common objections that have always followed his doctrines, both during the Reformation and today.


Calvin: Theological Treatises--Library of Christian ClassicsCalvin: Theological Treatises--Library of Christian Classics
John Calvin
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John Calvin was not accustomed to writing personal, autobiographical information about himself. Calvin is known through his theological writings. Nothing can substitute reading his Institutes on Christian Religion to truly understand who Calvin was and what he thought, but this collection of his Theological Threatises is a helpful addition to more of his writings. This volume contains statements of theological doctrines, apologetic works, and even controversial works. It is believed that this is the first time some of these works have been translated into English. This collection is a great addition to what can be known about John Calvin.

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