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The Rough RidersThe Rough Riders
Theodore Roosevelt
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In 1898, as the Spanish-American War was escalating, Theodore Roosevelt assembled an improbable regiment of Ivy Leaguers, cowboys, Native Americans, African-Americans, and Western Territory land speculators. This group of men, which became known as the Rough Riders, trained for four weeks in the Texas desert and then set sail for Cuba. Over the course of the summer, Roosevelt's Rough Riders fought valiantly and sometimes recklessly in the Cuban foothills, incurring casualties at a far greater rate than the Spanish.
Roosevelt kept a detailed diary from the time he left Washington until his triumphant return from Cuba later that year. The Rough Riders was published to instant acclaim in 1899. Robust in its style and mesmerizing in its acount of battle, it is exhilarating, illuminating, and utterly essential reading for every armchair historian and at-home general.

The Naval War of 1812The Naval War of 1812
Theodore Roosevelt
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Published when Theodore Roosevelt was only twenty-three years old, The Naval War of 1812 was immediately hailed as a literary and scholarly triumph, and it is still considered the definitive book on the subject. It caused considerable controversy for its bold refutation of earlier accounts of the war, but its brilliant analysis and balanced tone left critics floundering, changed the course of U.S. military history by renewing interest in our obsolete forces, and set the young author and political hopeful on a path to greatness. Roosevelt's inimitable style and robust narrative make The Naval War of 1812 enthralling, illuminating, and utterly essential to every armchair historian.

Hunting Trips of a Ranchman & the Wilderness HunterHunting Trips of a Ranchman & the Wilderness Hunter
Theodore Roosevelt, Stephen E. Ambrose
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Written during his days as a ranchman in the Dakota Bad Lands, these two wilderness tales by Theodore Roosevelt endure today as part of the classic folklore of the West. The narratives provide vivid portraits of the land as well as the people and animals that inhanbited it, underscoring Roosevelt's abiding concerns as a naturalist. Originally published in 1885, Hunting Trips of a Ranchman chronicles Roosevelt's adventures tracking a twelve-hundred-pound grizzly bear in the pine forests of the Bighorn Mountains. In asides as compelling as the hunt, Roosevelt muses on the beauty of the Bad Lands and the simple pleasures of ranch life. The Wilderness Hunter, which came out in 1893, remains perhaps the most detailed account of the grizzly bear ever recorded and an intensely personal portrait of the man who would be president.

The Strenuous LifeThe Strenuous Life
Theodore Roosevelt
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Teddy Roosevelt was America's twenty-sixth president. Though he was an asthmatic, Roosevelt lived a full and accomplished life. He was a sportsman, a public servant, and a literary man. Roosevelt believed that to live a satisfying life, one had to live a strenuous life. In 1905, he made this speech in Chicago. It is considered by many to be the essence of his political and personal philosophy.

Theodore Roosevelt: The Rough Riders and an AutobiographyTheodore Roosevelt: The Rough Riders and an Autobiography
Theodore Roosevelt
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In An Autobiography (1913), Roosevelt recalls his lifelong fascination with natural history, his love of hunting and the outdoors, and his adventures as a cattleman in the Dakota Badlands, as well as his career in politics as a state legislator, civil service reformer, New York police commissioner, assistant secretary of the navy, governor of New York, and president. Roosevelt writes of his battles against corruption, his efforts to establish America as a world power, his passionate commitment to conservation, and his growing conviction that only a strong national government and an energetic presidency could protect the public against the rapacious greed of modern corporations. Combining vivid and amusing anecdotes with clear and eloquent statements of progressive principles, An Autobiography is a classic American memoir.

Teddy Roosevelt: Young Rough RiderTeddy Roosevelt: Young Rough Rider
Edd Winfield Parks, Gray Morrow
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Easy to read, and full of the spirit and adventure of the famous Americans who've made America what it is today, the Childhood of Famous Americans Series is a series of fictionalized biographies for children 8 & up.

Learn about Teddy Roosevelt overcame asthma to become one of our most outdoors-loving presidents. 192 pages, softcover.

You're On Your Way, Teddy RooseveltYou're On Your Way, Teddy Roosevelt
Judith St. George
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Discover what Theodore Roosevelt-called "Teedie" then-was like as a young boy! From his childhood adventures with his siblings to his overcoming of asthma, his determination would set the course for a lifetime of remarkable accomplishments. 48 pages, softcover. Ages 7 & up.




Heroes of History: Theodore Roosevelt, An American OriginalHeroes of History: Theodore Roosevelt, An American Original
Janet Benge, Geoff Benge
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The Heroes of History series chronicles the true stories of fascinating men and women who changed the course of history.

Determined to make a difference and with an insatiable curiosity, love of adventure, and hunger for justice, Theodore Roosevelt exemplified a life directed by principle and not by circumstance. Whether rooting out government and corporate corruption, leading the legendary Rough Riders in war, establishing wildlife refuges and national parks, ranching in the Badlands of Dakota, writing books, or exploring dangerous uncharted land, the twenty-sixth president of the United States embraced every challenge and made his life count.

For ages 10 and up.

Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous PresidentTheodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President
Lisa DeMauro
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Each day was an adventure for President Theodore Roosevelt. When he was a kid, he kept turtles in the bathtub and frogs under his cap. As an adult, he was a cowboy, a river explorer, and a big game hunter. Sometimes he would go on marches through deep puddles and icy rivers -- just for fun!

TIME For Kids ® Biographies help make a connection between the lives of past heroes and the events of today. When Teddy became president, Americans were looking ahead with excitement to the twentieth century. Teddy's spirit and dreams helped make the United States one of the greatest countries in the world.



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