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Quotations of Thomas JeffersonQuotations of Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
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Pride costs more than hunger, thirst, or cold. This is but one of the many quotes of Thomas Jefferson, beautifully compiled into a rich gift book, bearing Jefferson's likeness and signature, with gold stamping, on the front cover. Applewood Classic reprint collection, for lovers of fine literature.

Writings: Thomas Jefferson, Writing, Vol. 0017Writings: Thomas Jefferson, Writing, Vol. 0017
Thomas Jefferson, Merrill Peterson
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This is the most comprehensive selection ever published of the writings of our third president and foremost spokesman for democracy. Jefferson, a brilliant political thinker, is perhaps best known for the Declaration of Independence, but he was a man of extraordinarily wide interests. Here along with his public papers are pieces on science, archaelogy, architecture, gardening, and literature; travel journals; first-hand accounts of the French Revolution; fascinating descriptions of life in early America, including the complete Notes on the State of Virginia; and more than 250 brilliant and urbane letters to such men as Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Lafayette, Madison, and John Adams. For a renewed sense of the possibility that the United States represented to its founders, this is a remarkable and indispensible book.

The Portable Thomas JeffersonThe Portable Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson, Merrill D. Peterson
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Rising to fame as a leader of colonies against an empire, penning the character of American independence in 1776, Thomas Jefferson embodied the new nation's aspirations for freedom and enlightenment. The Portable Thomas Jefferson, edited by Merrill D. Peterson, presents a broad view of Jefferson in the fullness of his thought and imagination. This volume inlcudes a sampling of Jefferson's most important writings: A Summary View of the Rights of British America and Notes on the State of Virginia in their entirety; state papers and addresses, including the Declaration of Independence, "Draft Constitution for Virginia", "Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank", and First Inaugural Address, as well as letters to George Washington, James Madison, John Adams, John Jay, and others.

The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of  NazarethThe Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
Thomas Jefferson
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Highlighting the ethical teachings of Christ and eliminating the supernatural aspects of the Gospels, Jeffers on's "edits" of Scripture reflect the deist view of religion, which developed during the 18th century. Presenting Jesus as a moral guide rather than as divine, this brief narrative focuses on his life of compassion and service.

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