Boo, Boo Series #1Boo, Boo Series #1
Rene Gutteridge
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Horror novelist Wolfe "Boo" Boone is the only reason once-struggling Skary, Indiana, developed into a thriving tourist attraction. That's why folks get spooked when Boo becomes a Christian---and "gives up the ghostly" to pursue girl-next-door Ainsley Parker. Now somebody is trying to poison their relationship before Boo kills his career . . . and Skary! 256 pages, softcover from Waterbrook.

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Please give a background on yourself?

I was raised in Edmond,Oklahoma.I went to one school from kindergarten through my senior year;a wonderful experience.Then I went to Oklahoma City University where I received a mass communications degree and specialty in screenwriting.
After college, God just moved on my heart to write dramas,cast them and run the drama team, for a church. It was really fun. My husband and I created a drama troupe called the "Christian Theater Company”at that same time.
God worked so wonderfully. I was working at church for five years. My husband was a worship leader. That was the time I sold my first book, "Ghostwriter" AND had my first child, John Caleb. God telling me I can do both. My husband was a huge help and I depended on the Holy Spirit so much.
I still write church dramas and have published with www.drama

What made you write “Boo”?

Most of my books come from a question.I am a very curious person. When I meet someone, I want to know the background on that person,where are they from? and, what’s their story?

So you’re the Missy Peeple, the character from “Boo” (laughing)

Yes, hopefully in a more Godly way.
I am insanely curious about life and people. I think “Boo” was sparked by the question, "What would happen if a famous horror novelist became a Christian"? It is the whole idea of,“What if somebody who is a tremendous persuader in this culture,became a Christian; how does that affect everyone around them?”
Then "Boo" progressed into a comedy. I saw these characters in my head and saw this little town. Then I started thinking about the person. He doesn’t have a lot of people around him, he’s a solitary dude.

It came from my imagination. I’ve drawn these characters from experience,from people I’ve known. I’ve embellished in some places,and taken away from other characters.

How long did it take you to write Boo?

The writing of the book took seven months.

Is there anything you want to convey to the readers?

I think people who read this will really enjoy it because it’s different. You don’t find a lot of comedy within the CBA. We, as Christians, love to laugh and sometimes that doesn’t come across, from people looking into our religion or our churches. Sometimes we seem so serious. We are serious about certain things, but it’s also ok to laugh and have fun. “Boo“, pokes fun at some of our quirks. As a general statement, if we can look at ourselves and look at some of the issues we deal with, inside the church, we’ll be better for it.
One of the themes of “Boo” is self righteousness. How Ainsley who has been called the “good girl”, and yet she finds herself in this position of having to embrace someone she doesn’t feel is worthy of embracing. That’s a tough thing in all of our lives and we have to humbly go before the Lord and acknowledge our self righteousness.
The other theme is that God can use anyone He wants to carry out His purpose.

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