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Sexual Assault: Healing Steps for VictimsSexual Assault: Healing Steps for Victims
David Powlison
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In his mini resource book , Sexual Assault, Healing Steps for Victims, author and counselor David Powlison gently leads those who have been wounded sexually to a deeper relationship with God-beyond the pain-with biblical action steps. By embracing their identity in Jesus, sufferers will not only understand the emotional and spiritual battles they face as sexual assault victims, they will be equipped to effectively overcome any fear, worry, anger, and shame and to offer hope to others in similar situations. 31 pages from New Growth Press.


Children and Sexual Abuse 5-packChildren and Sexual Abuse 5-pack
Victoria L. Johnson
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In this helpful booklet, Victoria L. Johnson looks at the problem of childhood sexual abuse, why it is so damaging and what church leaders can do to help children who've been abused. Included are some original thoughts and reflections from people who experienced abuse themselves as children. Also included are guidelines for churches and leaders in creating safe environments. Guidelines for parents are also included to raise awareness and prevent abuse.

An important resource for anyone who wants to bring hope and healing to children who are suffering.

A Moral Emergency: Breaking the Cycle of Child Sexual  AbuseA Moral Emergency: Breaking the Cycle of Child Sexual Abuse
Jade C. Angelica
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This book presents a wealth of information a history of sexual abuse, actual statistics, first person accounts from actual victims, legal issues, as well as theological reflections all condensed into a concise handbook on what many will readily concede is a moral emergency. More than merely informative, this book is practical. It includes concrete suggestions for ways that religious and other communities can make a real difference by helping to prevent child sexual abuse.

Survivor Prayers: Talking with God about Childhood Sexual AbuseSurvivor Prayers: Talking with God about Childhood Sexual Abuse
Catherine Foote
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Child sexual abuse wounds its victims deeply. Physical wounds can be seen; invisible wounds and scars touch the soul, says Catherine Foote. She provides this book of prayers and meditations to survivors of abuse, offering them a way of exploring the impact that abuse has had on their relationship with God. She invites survivors to consider talking to God about their abuse as a way to break the silence. She calls this process "telling God the truth" and believes it is a way to begin healing.


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