The Mystery of the Periodic TableThe Mystery of the Periodic Table
Benjamin D. Wiker
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Send your chemistry students on a witty and instructive journey to discover the "nature of things." From ancient philosophers and alchemists to modern teams of scientists, Wiker outlines the genealogy of the periodic table, explores principles of theoretical and practical science, discusses the history of the scientific method, and introduces atomic theory. Ages 12 and up. 166 pages, softcover from Bethlehem Books.

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1. The Puzzle
2. The First Chemists?
3. Earth, Air, Fire, Water
4. The Alchemists
5. "The Spirit, Hitehrto Unknown
6. The Atomists Return
7. The Strange Tale of Phlogiston, the Element That Wasn't
8. Mr. Priestly Clears Things Up
9. Mr. Cavendish and Inflammable Air
10. Chemistry's French Revolution
11. A Revolution in Names
12. "Nature Never Creates Other Than Balance in Hand
13. Mr. Dalton and His Atoms
14. The Shocking Mr. Davy
15. Guy-Lussac and Avogadro to the Rescue
16. Things Fall into Place: Triads and Octaves
17. The Mystery Solved
18. The Mystery Continues

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