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An Exorcist: More StoriesAn Exorcist: More Stories
Gabriele Amorth
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Following up his international bestselling book, An Exorcist Tells His Story, Amorth, the renowned chief exorcist of Rome, expands on some of the key topics of his previous book, covering important details about demonic or occult issues. He uses concrete examples from his own experiences and those of other exorcists to illustrate and substantiate his points.

Since satanic sects, occultism, seances, fortune-tellers and astrologers are so widespread today, Father Amorth askes the question why is it so difficult today to find an exorcist or a priest who is an expert in this field? The example and the teaching of Christ is very clear, as clear is the tradition of the Church. But today's Catholics are often misinformed. Exorcism are reserved for appointed priests, while all belivers can make prayers of liberation. What is the difference? What norms must be followed? What problems are still open and unresolved in this field?

The new book by Father Amorth answers these and many other questions, supporting his discourse with a rich exposition of recent facts. A valuable, practical and instructive manual, for priests and laypeople, on how to help those are suffering.


Deliverance from Evil Spirits: A Weapon for Spiritual WarfareDeliverance from Evil Spirits: A Weapon for Spiritual Warfare
Michael Scanlan
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Christians are caught up in a struggle between God and Satan. Satan is a ruthless and resourceful enemy and our implacable foe because we are citizens of God's kingdom. Evil spiritual forces are at the root of many of the temptations, failures, and difficulties we encounter in our lives.

Yet God has equipped us with weapons to overcome the work of evil spirits. Deliverance from Evil Spirits examines one of the most potent of these weapons---the ministry of deliverance. Scanlan and Cirner, both experienced pastors and recognized authorities in this ministry, explain the authoritative Christian teaching about spiritual warfare. They present an approach to deliverance which is a pastorally sound and effective weapon for dealing with the work of evil spirits.

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