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Minister's Service Manual, updated and expandedMinister's Service Manual, updated and expanded
Samuel Ward Hutton
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No matter what the occasion---weddings, funerals, dedications, baptisms---you'll come well prepared with this essential resource! A timely update on a pastor-trusted favorite, it's full of indispensable information such as where families should stand in wedding receiving lines. Also includes forms and services for anniversaries, benedictions, home dedications, ordinations, and more. Scripture taken from the RSV.

Nelson's Minister's Manual (KJV Edition)Nelson's Minister's Manual (KJV Edition)
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The minister's life is punctuated by unscheduled emergencies in the lives of church members or other acquaintances. Here is a resource to help deal with those occurrences seamlessly. Includes funeral sermons, traditional funeral verses from the Bible, a graveside service, wedding sermons, traditional verses related to marriage, and much more. This manual contains extremely fresh and relevant material for today's minister!

Special Occasions in the Black ChurchSpecial Occasions in the Black Church
Benjamin Baker
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If you're are looking for a guide to help you plan special church celebrations within the African American tradition, you've just found it! Whether you're ordaining a pastor or dedicating a new baby, this manual gives you scriptural references for the event, preaching pointers, suggestions for joyful music, and 24 sample services. This gold-stamped black hardcover with gilt-edged pages makes an attractive gift.

A Hospital Visitation ManualA Hospital Visitation Manual
Perry Biddle
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Visiting the sick has been part of the church's ministry for centuries. Here are tools to make that task lighter for the working pastor or serving layperson. Includes hospital etiquette; the role of the pastor; the patient's perspective; compassionate care for specific illnesses; prayers, poems, and hymns; baptism, communion, and anointing services; and a bibliography. 190 pages, softcover from Eerdmans.

Marriage, Hospital Visitation, and Funeral Manuals--3 VolumesMarriage, Hospital Visitation, and Funeral Manuals--3 Volumes
Perry Biddle
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Contemporary manuals for ministering in the modern world! Pastor Biddle has revised and updated his classic works so you're better able to plan services and provide pastoral care. Each pocket-sized edition features all the guidelines, sample services, prayers, Scripture, and denominational resources you need for weddings and marital counseling, hospital visits, or funerals. Approx. 200 pages each, three softcovers from Eerdmans.

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A Contemporary Handbook for Weddings & Funerals and Other Occasions

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