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Apocalypticism, Prophecy, and Magic in Early Christianity: Collected EssaysApocalypticism, Prophecy, and Magic in Early Christianity: Collected Essays
David E. Aune

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* Here the well-respected New Testament scholar offers 20 significant essays on apocalypticism, the Book of Revelation, and related topics. Aune investigates issues of discipleship, narrative Christology, genre, and the problem of God and time; and illuminates the social, literary, historical, and theological contexts of early Christian prophetic writings. Essential for students, seminary libraries, and personal research. 496 pages, softcover from Baker.

The Religious Context of Early Christianity: A Guide to Greco-Roman ReligionsThe Religious Context of Early Christianity: A Guide to Greco-Roman Religions
Hans-Josef Klauck

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This book has a modest goal, namely to give students of theology the necessary information in this field. It concentrates on the Graeco-Roman sphere; it does not deal with Judaism, with which Christianity has quite a different (closer) relationship.

Originally written in German, this book has been translated and revised in this great edition. A splendid guide in which Klauck treats civic and domestic religion, the mystery cults, popular beliefs (astrology, soothsaying, miracles, and magic), the cult of rulers and emperors, philosophy and religion, and gnosticism. Fascinating to read and a valuable reference.

New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity Volume SixNew Documents Illustrating Early Christianity Volume Six
S.R. Llewelyn
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This sixth volume of New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity reviews and reproduces a sample of Greek papyri and inscriptions which were first published or reissued in 1980 and 1981. The focus of attention has shifted somewhat from that of previous volumes in the series, with greater emphasis being placed on social history. This sixth volume selects documents illustrating family relations, slavery, the Roman administration and army, medicine and magic. Text and translation are now printed facing each other on the page. Full indexes are also provided. The new editor, Stephen Llewelyn, is engaged as a Macquarie University Research Fellow to continue production of the New Documents series. His doctoral dissertation was in the area of the Synoptic Problem and the application of statistical methods to solve it.

The World of the Early ChristiansThe World of the Early Christians
Joseph F. Kelly
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While the scholar/specialist may find here much that is basic, there is a wealth of information about early Christianity that will prove stimulating, including the use of computer technology and its impact on scholarship regarding early data. Asking such questions as Who were the early Christians? Where did they live? How do we know so much about them? What data has been left and how do we interpret it?, the author touches on the early Christians' cultural and intellectual life, their view of the universe and the nature of time, the influence of Judaism, Greek and Roman philosophy, paganism, astrology and magic etc. The last chapter is a review of the first six centuries of Christianity that looks at the development of the Christian calendar, the canon of the New Testament, the heresies, the councils, the Church Fathers, the decline of the Roman Empire, and the establishment of monastic order.
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