Brief Idea of the Game:

The object of the game is as follows – the game consists of four decks of 40 cards each, and can be played by four, three or two persons. Each of the four decks has a different design: pump, carriage, pail and plow.

Each player chooses one of these deck designs and keeps it for the duration of the game, regardless of the number of hands played. The front of these decorative cards, or faces, are printed in red, blue, yellow and green. The red and blue cards carry Pennsylvania Dutch Boy illustrations. The yellow and green cards carry a Pennsylvania Dutch Girl illustration. Each player builds three basic groups of cards in front of him from which he will play the game. The groups of cards placed in position are referred to as the Post, Blitz and Wood Piles.

The prime object of the game is to build as many cards in sequence—1 through 10—in the same respective colors in the center Dutch Piles, for points toward game, using as many cards from the Blitz Pile as possible. When the Blitz Pile has been exhausted, the player has "Blitzed" his opponents and won the hand. Cards for placement in the Dutch Piles can also be drawn from the player's Post and Wood Piles. Several hands, or rounds, must be played until a total of 75 points is accumulated by any one player who wins the game. Speed is essential in winning since everyone plays at the same time! Dutch Blitz is a fast-moving, exciting game for everyone.

Poem on the Package:


Dutch Blitz is such vonderful goot fun
For young folks—and old vones too.
Vhy you should see the vones who plays:
They gets in such a stew.

Easy to learn—exciting to play,
For two or three or four.
And this for sure is vone such game,
That ain't gonna be no bore.

So now, sit down with your friend or kin,
And try this game to play.
Chust bet that vhen you get started vonc't,
You'll play for most the day!

Copyright 1973 Dutch Blitz Games Company (215) 836-7200 PO Box 100, Flourtown, PA 19031