Angels (and Demons): What Do We Really Know About Them?Angels (and Demons): What Do We Really Know About Them?
Peter Kreeft
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Apologist Peter Kreeft has heard a lot of questions about angels. He has compiled his answers, drawn from the Bible, traditional church teaching, and the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, to 100 of those questions into Angels (and Demons): What Do We Really Know About Them?. It is a fascinating look at the reality of the supernatural beings that can and do interact with each other, God, and humans.

Kreeft starts with the assumption that angels (and demons) are indeed real beings. Our ideas about angels and demons, however, are not always accurate. Kreeft attempts to separate fact from fiction and myth from reality by looking to the Bible, church tradition, Thomistic philosophy, and his own experience. The result is an engaging and interesting look at angels and demons. The book is organized by question into themes like the cultural fascination with angels, how we know what we know about angels, the nature of angels, and the nature of demons. There are also several appendices looking at angels in philosophy, angels in the Bible, and angels in the catechism of the Catholic Church.

Odds are, if you have a question about angels or demons, it is included in this book. Questions range from the nature of angels, and what they are made of to where they live and how they fill their days. Also included, questions about interactions between angels, demons and humans, and the impact that angels and demons can have on our world. An eye-opening book, Angels (and Demons) is likely to cause controversy, but it will, at the very least, get you to think about angels and demons, which is not a bad thing.
Charles Capps
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Angels want to be involved in every area of your life: in your home, your business, your finances and your family. These supernatural beings of God are just waiting for you to speak God's Word.

God designed angels to respond to His Word so ... be cautious what you say, your angels are listening!

  • Words of doubt and unbelief will bind your angels
  • Wrong speaking and wrong praying provoke angels
  • Words of faith loose them to work on your behalf
By speaking God's Word, the angels will be loosed to prosper your way and provide divine protection for you as they have in the Bible for Abraham, Daniel, Elisha, and many others.

Angels takes you on a fascinating journey of angelic intervention in Bible times and in the lives of the authors, Charles and Annette Capps. The ministry of angels is part of the salvation that God has given and a valid ministry in the earth today. Discover how the supernatural deliverance of angels can start changing your life!

Angels and the New SpiritualityAngels and the New Spirituality
Duane A. Garrett
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What do angels really do for people? How accurately are angels portrayed in books and on TV? Garrett answers all your questions, offers refreshing insight into the reality of angels, and will encourage you in an important but little understood aspect of Christian living---all from a clear-cut biblical position. 256 pages, hardcover from B&H.


Demonology Past & PresentDemonology Past & Present
Kurt E. Koch
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For over 50 years, Dr. Kurt Koch's name has been synonymous with straight-forward, authoritative, and biblical insights and help for those who desire to understand--or escape--the lure and snare of the occultic and demonic world.

Demons and Deliverance (Previously titled Casting Out Demons)Demons and Deliverance (Previously titled Casting Out Demons)
H.A. Maxwell Whyte
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Demons are real and demons can even afflict Christians. Though some might debate one or both of these statements, Whyte is convinced that the Bible and his own experiences have both proven each statement to be true. And if he is right, it raises a lot of important questions about demons and how they affect us. He wrote this book as a practical handbook to answer some of those questions.

Whyte begins by discussing our authority in Christ, and gives examples of how that authority has come forth in deliverance. He offers valuable information about how deliverance is accomplished, and what its impact on believers can be. Then Whyte looks at several distinct types of demonic personalities which he has encountered, and which are likely to be encountered by other believers. He discusses how Christians can protect themselves during deliverance ministry, and how to ensure that deliverance is final and lasting. His emphasis throughout the book is the freedom that is available to Christians through the blood of Christ.

But what really sets this book apart is its extensive question and answer section. Whyte looks to the Bible and his experiences to answer questions about the nature of deliverance, how demons can impact and affect believers, different types of demons, how to enact a deliverance ministry, and even some common objections which are raised against deliverance ministry. Examples of questions include: What exactly is a demon? How does a person come under demonic influence? Can we inherit demons from our anscestors? Can a Christian be possessed by a demon? How can Christians resist the powers of darkness? Can anybody cast out a demon? Are there dangers inherent in deliverance ministry? and many others.

Eminently practical, and thoroughly scriptural, this book will likely become a standard for deliverance ministries. If you are skeptical about demonic activity in our contemporary world, this book may change your mind. If you are convinced about the activity of demons in our time, this book will help to motivate you to take your place in this important spiritual battle. Its emphasis on our authority in Christ is a timely reminder of the power and promise of God with us. You too can be a part of this battle, and help to free people from the tryanny and cruelty of the demonic.

Deliverance Thesaurus: Demon Hit ListDeliverance Thesaurus: Demon Hit List
John Eckhardt
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The author has gone yet another step further in equipping the saints to defeat the powers of darkness in his all new Deliverance Thesaurus: Demon Hit List. Since identifying and uncovering demons by name is so important in deliverance, the idea to write a thesaurus is well overdue. Some argue that we don't need to know specific names of demons. After all, what's in a name?

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