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Third Day
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Southern rockers Third Day toned down their sound a bit for last year's live worship recording, Offerings. The project was truly a labor of love, fulfilling a longtime wish from fans and winning Third Day a flock of new listeners (and an armload of accolades, including five Dove Awards and a Grammy nod) in the process. But, now, while worship will always be a part of any Third Day live show, these boys from Atlanta, Georgia are ready to rock again on their new release, Come Together.

For this release, band mates Mac Powell, Brad Avery, Mark Lee, Tai Anderson and David Carr each contributed songs, offering a greater insight into the personalities behind the music. Though the words may be deeply personal, the theme is universal, centering around bringing the body of Christ together.

With Come Together, the Gospel Music Association's reigning artist and group of the year manages to get back to their rock roots while maintaining their spiritual focus. And with songs like Forty Days, Show Me Your Glory and When the Rain Comes Third Day delivers a recording that both rock and worship fans can enjoy. Other songs include:

Come Together, Get On, My Heart, It's Alright, Still Listening, I Got You, I Don't Know, Sing Praises and Nothing Compares.


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LABEL: Essential Records
GENRE: Southern/modern rock
SPECIAL EFFECT(S): Before recording, Third Day rented a warehouse and virtually "moved-in" for more than a month so as not to be rushed in the studio. All songs were written collectively.
PRODUCER(S): Monroe Jones

Just about every artist who’s been in the music biz awhile ends up releasing a “best-of” project at one time or another. Not surprisingly, Third Day has completely re-defined “best-of.” But before you jump to the conclusion that Come Together is a “best of” collection, be advised that it features all new, all original material that only reflects the “best of” the various musical styles Third Day has embraced over its seven-year history.

Many fans have chosen one of the band’s previous albums as a “stylistic favorite,” meaning Come Together‘s multi-style format has something for everyone. There are the go-for-broke Southern rock tracks (“Get On”, “Still Listening”) the modern rock tunes (“I Got You”, “Come Together”, “40 Days”) and several stunning new expressions of worship (“Show Me Your Glory”, “Sing Praises”, “Nothing Compares”). And while all of the aforementioned are exceptionally enjoyable, my favorites are the new modern pop/rock ballads (“My Heart”, “It’s Alright”, “I Don’t Know”, “When the Rain Comes”).

When Third Day came up with the concept and title for this album more than 18 months ago, they obviously had no idea it would release right about the time our country was “coming together” over a national crisis. The message of these songs is more than timely. The more remarkable thing, however, is that this band continues to raise the artistic standard. When it comes to culturally relevant, artistic, intelligent expressions of faith, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Laura Harris