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TITLE: The Last Street Preacha
LABEL: Flicker / Boneyard
GENRE: Westcoast Rap
SPECIAL EFFECT(S): Veteran West Coast Christian rapper gets focused in an attempt to parlay his success on MTV and TBN with rock hard, radio-ready gangsta beats and street imagery.
PRODUCER(S): Chase the Noizemaker and T-Bone

When T-Bone's debut Redeemed Hoodlum hit, Gospel Hip-hop fans were caught off guard and excited by his rapid-fire lyrics, nasally flow (not unlike another influential Latino rapper, B-Real of Cypress Hill), and his potential. T-Bone picked up the torch left by fallen Christian rap legend, D-Boy Rodriguez with wordplay containing everything from cartoonish obsession with spiritual warfare to street life evangelism to self-pity. Most consistent over four discs has been T-Bone's versatile flow and the flashes of studio greatness by partner and beatmaker, Chase.

After a bumpy, sometimes questionable, but always successful decade, T-Bone (a.k.a. Boney Bone Corleon of MTV's "The Cut" fame) and Chase take hints from a few multi-platinum artists (for better or for worse) and manage to produce Gospel rap's most refined, playalistic West Coast funk ever on Street Preacha. Shocked and/or amazed, fans and DJs will get geeked off of burners like "Nuttin 2 Sumthin" or the ice-cold, dance floor G-funk of "Up On Game." New fans will feel the heartfelt, Bone Thug-esque "Wipe Your Tears", the gritty street anthem "Turn This Up", the mad crunk radio hit-in-waiting "Street Life", and the incredible but too-short Latino heater "Miami Lovely". Yes, it is derivative in spots but Street Preacha is a surefire crossover hit waiting to happen.

--Anthony Barr-Jeffrey