Greatest Hits: Time & Again, Compact Disc [CD]Greatest Hits: Time & Again, Compact Disc [CD]
Twila Paris
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Vintage Twila! Now 15 of the uplifting favorites you know by heart are gathered together with three sparkling new releases! Revisit beloved worship classics "He Is Exalted" and "Lamb of God" as well as radio hits, including "God Is in Control" and "The Time Is Now."

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LABEL: Sparrow Records
SPECIAL EFFECT(S): Features a rare musical collaboration with Steven Curtis Chapman on "Faithful Friend." (Twila's only other co-writer on this disc is her sister, Starla, who assisted on the 1995 songs "Lamb of God" and "Runner".)
PRODUCER(S): Mark Hammond, Brown Bannister, Paul Mills, Jonathan David Brown, Richard Souther, Charlie Peacock, Darrell A. Harris, Daniel D. McGuffey

Even if you don't own a single Twila Paris CD, chances are you've been singing her songs for years. After all, Paris' praise-filled choruses seem to be woven into the fabric of our faith. Now, with Greatest Hits, 15 of the best-loved songs from this trailblazing pop artist's and female worship leader's 20-year career are together in one place.

Not surprisingly, it's her worship songs that have really stood the test of time. "The Joy of the Lord" is a classic that still begs you to sing along 10 years later. The same goes for "We Will Glorify," a timeless worship song that is the oldest track on Greatest Hits, yet feels as fresh as anything here. "We Bow Down" is another great reminder of Paris' amazing gift for penning potent praise songs.

Understandably, some of the pop tracks feel a little more dated. "God Is in Control" and "The Warrior Is a Child" contain the same meaningful messages they always did, but their sound screams the '90s as loudly as a pair of neon leg warmers. The more current "Run to You" fares a bit better. As for the new stuff, "Sparks & Shadows" shows a new maturity and "Faithful Father" has a vulnerability similar to that found on "The Warrior Is a Child", but seasoned with life experience. That's the charm of this collection: it chronicles our experiences like a scrapbook, bringing back many fond memories while reminding us all the while of just how far we've come.

--Wendy Lee Nentwig