Come Heal This Land CDCome Heal This Land CD
Robin Mark
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Join worship leader Robin Mark for this captivating collection of praise and worship songs, recorded live at the St. Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh, Northern Ireland. This much-anticipated follow-up to Revival in Belfast includes "Take Us to the River," "Everything Cries Holy," "Lord Have Mercy," and more.

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LABEL: Hosanna! Music
GENRE: Praise & Worship
SPECIAL EFFECT(S):Recorded live in Northern Ireland's St. Patrick's Cathedral, these 14 worship tunes have interesting instrumentation, including the use of a bouzouki, an accordion, Ulillean Pipes, a fiddle and various whistles.
PRODUCER(S): Paul Mills

The opening of this much anticipated follow-up to Revival in Belfast, unfolds much like any Celtic music enthusiast might hope--with a celebratory little instrumental number that sounds like it might have been on the Titanic soundtrack. "Mulhaires, Traditional Irish Reel" sets the tone for Robin Mark's newest offering of Celtic-flavored praise & worship, and then segues into Mark's well-known tune "Take Us to the River."

From there Mark slows things down a bit with mostly new original tunes, including "Not by Might" and "What the Lord Has Done in Me." The melodies are simple and thus easily adopted, supported by a wide variety of instruments and an adequate band. The lyrics are also simple and repetitive (though a bit predictable) and seem to serve the congregation well in their pursuit of worship. The real gem on this record, however, is Mark's unusually pleasant, strong yet gentle voice. His presence as worship leader has a definite feel of combined authority and humility, resulting in a sum that seems greater than the musical parts of this record.

Standouts include a cover of Chris Tomlin's "Forever" and "Lord Have Mercy," a beautiful song that has the feel of an ancient chant. All in all I would characterize this as easy-listening, Celtic-flavored worship that has a few high-octane musical moments.

--Laura Harris