All Right Here CDAll Right Here CD
Sara Groves
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Sara Groves' All Right Here offers thirteen new songs sharing personal yet universal truths of faith, family, relationships, and testimonies of a loving God. Includes "Less Like Scars," "This Peace," "Jesus, You're Beautiful," and more.

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LABEL: INO Records
SPECIAL EFFECT(S): Yes, that's Phil Madeira making a guest appearance with his dobro on "You Did That for Me" and "Tornado."
PRODUCER(S): Nate Sabin; Executive producer: Troy Groves

When Sara Groves' label debut, Conversations, released in 2000, the depth and honesty of her lyrics and her natural, plaintive delivery were impressive. All Right Here not only continues in the same vein of clarity and depth, but also cuts a wider path, moving beyond the devotional to the universal.

Arguably her strongest to-date, All Right Here hits just about every essential note in the lives of real people: love and marriage, family and friends, forgiveness, and the pain of growing up. And, as she is prone to do, there are a couple of worship songs thrown in for good measure.

The real gems aren't difficult to find. A new mom and a young wife, she captures the mysterious truths of motherhood and marriage in raw and delicate detail. "You'll Never Lose My Love" is the best "ode to a child" I've ever heard, so look out "Butterfly Kisses," your wings have been permanently clipped. And "Fly" manages to say in the simplest of terms what any woman really needs from her husband, besting any relationship book or romance novel.

A special nod also goes to "You Did That for Me," penned by Pierce Pettis, an unbelievable lyricist, and singer/songwriter Jonell Moser. A reminder of all the terrible stuff we’re exempt from because of Jesus' sacrifice.

And that's just the lyrical content. All Right Here features a stellar group of musicians laying down an intricate and diverse backdrop of sound, with a delicate mix of upbeat radio tunes and the reflective ballads Groves is becoming known for. It's a big leap forward from Conversations, which is no small statement.

Melissa Riddle