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LABEL: Essential Records
GENRE: Folk/Pop
SPECIAL EFFECT(S): Re-creation of weekly worship service led by Caedmon's Call members; new songs written by teen prodigy Josh Moore, Aaron Senseman, Kemper Crabb, Rich Mullins, and Derek Webb's new bride, Sandra McCracken.
PRODUCER(S): Josh Moore, Bob Boyd, Caedmon's Call, Ed Cash, Steve Hindalong

For years the members of Caedmon's Call have arranged their tour schedule to allow them to lead worship at their home church most Sunday nights. And it's this commitment to both community and worship music that vitalizes their new album, In the Company of Angels.

Those who have lamented the band's musical progression from raw and rootsy (typical of their first two independent albums) to studio polish should receive Angels with open arms, as it takes a musical step back toward the band's humble beginnings.

The most radio friendly tunes are probably "We Delight" and "Who You Are" (both sung by Cliff Young and penned by Moore); but perhaps the most compelling and passionate tune on the disc is "I Boast No More," an old Isaac Watts hymn that Derek Webb belts out with heartfelt abandon. Danielle Young doles out fine performances on "Laden with Guilt" and "God Who Saves," revealing her growing vocal prowess and maturity.

If I had one wish on this album, it's that the lead vocals would've been a little more evenly spread around--Cliff sings lead on 8 of 12 tracks while Danielle and Derek carry two apiece. Cliff Young is wonderful to listen to, but so are his wife and band mate Webb. That aside, I wholeheartedly recommend this album as a solid, worthy addition to any collection of Caedmon's Call or worship music.

--Laura Harris