The Living Room Sessions CDThe Living Room Sessions CD
Chris Rice
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Do you long to step back to simpler times when stores were closed on Sundays, Sunday dinner was a family tradition, and everybody went to church? These piano solos will take you there! Includes "Fairest Lord Jesus"; "The Church's One Foundation"; "How Great Thou Art"; "This Is My Father's World"; "Be Still, My Soul"; and "Like a River Glorious."

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LABEL: Rocketown
GENRE: Instrumental/Inspirational
SPECIAL EFFECT(S): No engineers, no sound technicians, no studio musicians. Only Rice, a piano, 12 of his favorite hymns, and you.
PRODUCER(S): Monroe Jones

What if you were invited to hang out in Chris Rice's living room to listen to what he played on the piano when he was by himself--often in the wee hours of the morning? What if he were going through a stage of reminiscing about the old hymns he used to hear in church, and was playing through them with the intention of putting his own musical fingerprint on each one? That's exactly what Rice has done with the release of his new instrumental album, The Living Room Sessions.

Producer Monroe Jones helped set up the recording equipment in Rice's living room, and then left this most prolific and beloved singer/songwriter to hit "record" when the inspiration hit him. The result is a very pure, unusually refreshing collection of 12 great hymns of the faith.

While Rice definitely has his playful and improvisational moments, the overall tone of this disc is peaceful and reflective, as the only sound you'll hear is the piano-and as Rice has said "…the piano bench creaking every now and then." As such, The Living Room Sessions is an album that will appeal to absolutely anyone who has ever loved a hymn. And stay tuned: this disc is the first in what promises to be an excellent series of visits to Rice's living room.

--Laura Harris